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on March 11, 2014
A few photo highlights of life post-Disneyland.
Elizabeth earned her ORANGE belt at Jujitsu last week while Olivia was at ballet, Andy was at mutual, and I was at a PTA meeting (being elected as next year’s PTA President.)  I had my visiting teacher watching the kids at home and Elizabeth was picked up and brought home by a friend.  Some days in the month are just TOO busy!  Luckily, it’s not quite that busy every night.  Way to go, Elizabeth!
Last Friday Andy and Vincent went to the American’s hockey game with Andy’s work for Father-Son Hockey Night.  Nathan joined them since he’s practically an uncle to our kids.
On Sunday Olivia wanted to wear the dress my mom crocheted for my little sister when she was eight.  Olivia accessorized with a green flower in her hair and green earrings.
Andy turned 41 on Sunday and we went over to Ransom’s for dinner and dessert between Andy/Olivia’s ward choir practice and Olivia’s Stake senior Primary practice that she’s doing for our Stake Conference.  Andy doesn’t like us to make a fuss over his birthday much, since he just says he “made another trip around the sun” and doesn’t care much about it, but we do our best anyway because we sure love him!
Abby doesn’t seem to like this Daylight Saving Time.  She keeps falling asleep in the afternoon and then wanting to stay up until midnight.  I let her sleep this morning because Vincent was still asleep and he didn’t have school because of parent-teacher conferences, so I left them both sleeping for five minutes while I dropped the girls off at school.  When I got home, I went back to sleep too! Vincent didn’t get up until almost 10 and Abby slept until NOON!  I guess she was tired.  She didn’t nap this afternoon and went to sleep right on time, so I hope that fixed her rotten sleeping schedule.
Vincent saw some fun Mixels in his Lego magazine and wanted them.  Andy looked for them at one store but they didn’t have them there yet, so Vincent started making his own with Legos we already have.  That might just be even more fun than getting a kit that tells you what to do.
Vincent’s kind of easily entertained.  Today he figured out how to flick a cotton ball with his finger to fly through the air.  He thought it was hilarious, especially when I exaggerated my scared reaction.
We may be keeping busy (like always), but we do know how to have a good time and enjoy (should I add in annoy?  Keeping it real…) each other too.

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