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Final Disneyland and Update

on March 20, 2014
I ordered the digital copy of a few pictures the Disneyland PhotoPass had for us because we didn’t get any other pictures of our WHOLE group together other than this one.  There was a deal to get three digital copies for $30, so I picked my other two favorites after this one.  It’s worth the money to have the digital print forever. I emailed it to Andy’s parents and siblings so they all have it too.
My camera wasn’t by Andy and Vincent when they met Mater and I thought this picture was fun, so I ordered it.  Most of the other character pictures I had near duplicates on my own camera so I didn’t need them.
Here’s the professional photographer’s picture of our family in front of the castle…without Abby’s tongue sticking out.
I went to parent-teacher conferences for our kids last week.  They are all improving from where they were at the beginning of the year and are expected to be moved on to the next grade at the end of the year.  Their teachers enjoy them and I like their teachers.  We have some new things we need to improve on at home with the kids to make them better.
If you want a little laugh, read Olivia’s critical writing essay about porcupines.  She drew a picture too.
And another picture of Elizabeth at Jujitsu with her orange belt on this time.
Work has been busy.  The store gets trashed daily, it seems, and they keep having important higher-ups visiting to check things, so they’ve called me in the last few Mondays to help out in Home and Kids so it will be all the way cleaned up.  I was only scheduled for two nights last week and worked three.  It will be about the same this week.  Extra hours are okay with me, especially if a few of us are working on the HUGE area that Home and Kids is.  I do like it, even when it’s hard to remember just where something belongs and I seem to walk in circles for a minute or two.  Everyone who works there is fun and nice and always polite and encouraging.  I couldn’t ask for a better work environment, really.
I’m getting packed for Camp Wooten next week.  I get to go up with Elizabeth’s fifth grade to be a cook for a few days. We’re going to pack Elizabeth up when she gets home from school today.  Then I think we’ll ride bikes over to the park.  Elizabeth finally decided that she wanted to figure out how to ride a bike confidently after school yesterday and if she and Olivia ride, Vincent scooters, and I ride with Abby on the back, we should be able to make it.  I still don’t feel comfortable about them riding to and from school, but that’s mostly because the girls walk two other kids home and I don’t think that will work very well.  The sun in shining and my bike is calling. Time to find the tire pump…

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