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on March 20, 2014
I hadn’t ever been to Time Out For Women before, but know a lot of friends who really enjoy going, so when my mom asked me (several times because it’s hard to plan for kids and go do something for myself…), I decided to go with her and my sister in law.
We left Friday afternoon and I luckily had a few great friends to take care of my kids until Andy picked them up.  My mom was one of the people in charge of her area, so she had to be there a little early for a meeting and greeting at the door.
We checked into the hotel (and ate a yummy cookie-well, I did).  Then we headed across the street to Chili’s!  I LOVE Chili’s and we don’t have one near us, so I take any opportunity to go there I can.  We got there at 3:30 and their lunch menu didn’t end until 4pm, so we were able to get cheaper meals. Yea!  My mom and I got the same thing.  Fajitas with rice and beans and potato soup.  Delicious.
Friday night we heard two talks and Hudson Lights.  My favorite speaker was Barbara Thompson.  I have always enjoyed her talks in General Conference and at the General RS Meetings.  We were sitting in the second row on one of the far sides so we had great seats. (The thing that looks like a funny skin color mole is the skin color microphone.)
My Aunt Roma was there with her friends and came over to say hi to us.
We had a break in the middle and we went to the back where there were several little stores set up and I walked too fast and lost Mom and Christen.  I went back up to our seats and they weren’t there so I got my little door prize tickets and put them where they go.  When I got back up to our seats they still weren’t there, so I decided to go meet Barbara Thompson in person, for real.  A friend from Richland was up there at the same time and took this picture for me.
I asked her if she had written a book because I was looking back there at the stores and didn’t see one and if she had it would have been my one splurge purchase.  She said she had not written anything and wouldn’t have anything to write about and didn’t quite know why they invited her.  (She’s super down to earth and awesome!)  She asked me my name and told me she liked it.  She even told me she liked my blouse. =)
Her talk just before the break was “Teach Me to Walk in the Light”.  She told us about three steps to do that.
1. There is a path and a prescribed way to help us stay on the path.
2. We need to be quick to observe.
3. Quick to Obey and follow promptings.
She told us about one time when she got home from work and headed out to take care of the weeds in her backyard that were almost as tall as her house when her home teachers came.  She thought, “They’re going to rescue me!” Instead they said they were just stopping by and could see she was busy and they left.  She was annoyed and mad and didn’t think that was very nice and then she remembered a few days before when she went to the home of a lady she visit taught and her kids answered the door and said their mom was sick, so she told them that she’d come back at a better time.  Just as her home teachers could have helped her, she could have helped the lady and her family.  We need to be quick to observe and ACT on that.
She talked about the simple instructions given in the scriptures.  So many scriptures have easy instructions like, “Look” and “Stop”.  There is no better light to follow than our Savior.
When I told my Mom and Christen that I met Barbara Thompson and had a picture with her, they wanted one too so we did.
The last speaker of the night was Laurel C. Day and she talked about the path the Monarch Butterflies go on in their lives and how much they struggle and related that to our lives.  In 1983 Neal A Maxwell told how to align our desires with HIS.
Make it (whatever it is) enough.  She told about the miracle in the scriptures when Jesus fed the 5,000 with 5 loaves and 2 fishes and said that she used to look at that and think Christ multiplied the food and there was an abundance, but that now she thinks of it as each person may have just had a little, but the little they had was enough and it filled them.  Christ makes our hearts satisfied with enough.
It’s only when you exercise your right to choose that you exercise your right to change.
The talks and music were great and just what I needed to hear!
We took a picture together with the fun little photo props before we went back to the hotel.

We stayed up chatting, remembering, and giggling pretty late, but it was really fun.  I brought a book and hardly read any of it.

Saturday morning mom left early to go down and greet again and texted me that she saved some seats and said where they were.  Christen went to the hotel gym while I showered and then I read while she got ready (and finished my book).  When we got to the meeting hall there were just two seats saved where my mom said, so I went and found some friends from Richland and they happened to have a seat saved for someone who didn’t need it anymore, so I was able to sit next to them Saturday, which was fun too.

Mariama Kallon talked about finding the light.  One thing she said that I liked was “Hold lightly to the things of this world and hold tightly to the things of heaven.”

Hilary Weeks sang her ten favorite songs.  I loved them.  She told a little about each one and how she wrote it or some kind of circumstance behind it.

Jill Manning spoke about how we need to be more present in our lives and not get distracted from what we need to do.  Some good questions she asked were, “If the only thing someone knew about you was the media you consume, what would they learn about you? What would it say about your priorities or your religion? Would anything embarrass you or make you cringe?”  She told us that the 13th Article of Faith is basically a statement of our ethics.  Follow it.  It says to seek out the BEST books three times in the scriptures.

Something I thought of while listening to this was of the difference between our stoplights and the world’s stoplights.  Our stoplights should warn us of danger and to make sure it’s safe for our minds, hearts, and bodies before going through the intersection while the media/world stoplights are always green because anything and everything is okay now that everyone used to recognize as bad.

Robert Millet spoke about Grace and how it works in our lives.  Grace and Mercy are two sides of the same coin, tied together for our good.  “Mercy is NOT getting what you deserve.  Grace is getting what you DON’T deserve.”  He told us that Christ trades us our sin for His righteousness.  When people say that grace or mercy are greater than the other, he asks, “Which is the most important blade of the scissors?”  They have to work as a team to do what their purpose is.

Wendy Ulrich spoke after lunch about Dreams and Hope and how to turn futile dreams into fertile hopes.  False hopes are impossible hopes of undoing the past, thinking we can prevent trouble in the future,  thinking we need to know everything for certain before moving on, and control.  A world free of uncertainty is not God’s plan.  NOTHING offers All certainty.  True hope is what experience teaches us.  True hopes are hope in power of Christ to redeem all our sins and losses, hope in our capacity, hope in humility and prayer, and hope in the teachings of God.  Despite circumstances and people I can’t control, what do I have to rejoice in?  “You are never far from the certain and steady hand of the Savior.”

Emily Freeman spoke about how we need to use our instruments and talents God gave us.  If we have a violin, but it’s not in tune and it’s broken and you don’t know how to use it, then it’s not worth much, but if you have one and you’re ready to use it, then you are using your talent to the best of your abilities.   She spoke of opening our hearts, like the Good Samaritan.

So I guess if you didn’t go, now you have a synopsis of what I got out of it.  Time will tell how much I will really get from it, but it was really good to go and have a real time out listening to inspiring talks and music and spending time with my mom and sister in law.

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  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Thanks for taking notes. I just sat and absorbed it all. The music was the Best to me. Thanks for sharing my 1st TOFW. Glad you got to meet your ‘hero’.

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