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on March 29, 2014
We DID ride over to the park after that last post.  Elizabeth and Olivia rode.  I rode with Abby in the baby seat.  Vincent rode the scooter over partway, but he kept getting upset with it, so we ended up leaving it at a friend’s house halfway to the park and picked it up later. He decided that he’d rather run instead of ride.
Abby wanted to ride in the baby swing and Rory pushed her a little.  Abby couldn’t decide whether she wanted to go fast or slow or high or low and kept getting mad at me until I took her out and made her go play on the big toy.It was funny to watch my kids and then the other kids at the park following Luke’s little car around.  It was almost a parade.
Luke rode over in his awesome car.  It’s really a remote control car that his parents use to drive him along.  It even has music.  It’s rad.  And when he’s big enough to control the driving, it can switch over.
Elizabeth on a bike Ally gave us because her son outgrew it.  She’s much more confident on a bike that fits her a little better.
Sunday night we went to Walla Walla for a birthday party for this cute nephew.  He turns three soon and he came to visit with my sister and his brother while his dad worked at home.  I think it was probably good that he opened our five dollar bill before the 50 dollar bill from a set of great grandparents…
After the party (and delicious dinner of fried chicken, corn casserole, and homemade macaroni and cheese), we visited with my parents.  Abby used the play camera to take pictures of my parents.  My mom was getting her phone ready to take a picture of Abby taking her picture and probably me taking a picture of my mom taking a picture of Abby.  Did you follow that?  Me neither.  I’d delete that whole thing if I wasn’t so lazy.
Monday morning came early to get all set for Camp Wooten and the delivery of kids where they needed to be, but I stayed up and watched Catching Fire (finally!) instead of going to sleep early.  Man, I love those movies!  So exciting and it’s like the book, which I love.  I hate it when movies change things from the book.

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