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Camp Wooten

on March 30, 2014
Monday morning came nice and early so I could finish my silly OCD task of putting away all the laundry and dishes before leaving home for a few days.  I want to make life easier for Andy while I’m away and me when I get home, but it’s OCD at this point…  (As long as I admit it, that makes it slightly more okay, right?)
I took the kids to school so Elizabeth could catch the bus to Camp Wooten about two and a half hours away.  Then I went and dropped Abby off at Ally’s house to play.  Ally watched her for three long days, Vincent for three half days and Olivia for three quarter days (depending on their school schedule).  Luckily, she lives super close to the school. She’s awesome.  Andy picked up those three kids after work for two nights and I picked them up after school on the third day because I went up as a camp cook for 2 1/2 days.  I may be getting ahead of myself…
Elizabeth with a friend getting ready for the buses to take them.  A friend sent this to me because I can’t be everywhere.

Elizabeth took pictures all day Monday, including at the rest stop along the way.  She took so many that Tuesday morning she came to me telling me that the camera was full.  I took the camera and deleted enough pictures to give her 104 more for the rest of the week.  Basically, I just deleted the pictures that were the back of people’s heads or their hands or blurry ones or doubles.  And this is why she had our backup digital camera.

These are the girls who were in her cabin.  They were a fun group for her to be with.  They were the Trouts.  Whenever they did well, they got buttons.  By the end of the week the hats were as full as their TA on the left in this picture who went last year.

Elizabeth wrote one letter (after I prepared nine of them).  It was two sentences to Andy.  Then I can tell she just took pictures of the other kids writing letters.

Maybe I should tell you what Camp Wooten is all about.  It’s not just a fun camp where they play, although they DO that too, it’s an outdoor education program.  They hike, learn how to build fires, learn plenty of safety, disect owl pellets, go fishing and learn all about fish, learn discipline and even manners!  Two of the fifth grade teachers have been running this program for 35+ years, so they know just how to do it.  It’s great.

Here Elizabeth is with two of her cabinmates building a fire.

I found her one morning after breakfast (I had to get up at 5:30AM to get over there and be ready to work by 6am).  I made her take a picture with me so I have one.

This is the group of women I worked with in the kitchen.  We all have fifth graders this year, but none of us had a buddy when we went up.  We are all buddies now though! Great, great memories and fun laughs all week (or 2 1/2 days)!

Luckily, we weren’t in charge of everything.   The three cooks in charge had to plan the menu, prepare the order list, and make sure everything got done.  We were just the grunt labor, seriously, lucky.  We prepared food for 150 people.  There were 79 students, a counselor and TA for each cabin of kids, teachers and staff, and the cooks to feed.

Once in awhile I even had a chance to sit down.  We were there from 6am-9pm.  We had to clean the kitchens and the bathroom before going to bed.  We really had a great time, even though it was a lot of work.

Elizabeth getting ready to go out on the canoe.

Elizabeth did great paddling the canoe.  She liked it.

Look at that smile!

Wednesday morning we made muffins for the kids.  Something crazy like 18 dozen muffins!  At the parent meeting before we went up there, they told us everything would be from scratch.  It wasn’t.  The muffins were from a mix, they served Rhodes rolls, and they had some shortcuts.  We still cooked for a lot of people, but it wasn’t ALL from scratch like they said it was going to be.  It was much busier than it would have been to pass out Costco muffins though.  There was a HUGE mixer that this bowl fit into.  It was awesome.

Wednesday for lunch we fed everyone hamburgers and hotdogs.


The cook embarrased us before we left.  We were replaced by three other people, but he said they wouldn’t be able to do as much as us.  Actually, even the first day he was asking me how many kids I had and when I’d be back to help.  The other ladies decided I was the favorite from the start and kept teasing me about it.  I even have a button now that says, “Boss Jr.”  I guess I just jump right into things and get them done.  The cooks liked that.  Good.  I was helpful.  So was everyone else.  It worked great.

I hugged Elizabeth before I left and kept hugging until she hugged back.  Then I gave her a big kiss in front of her friends, so she was grumpy at me.  Too bad!

She came home Friday afternoon with bags of dirty clothes and she was SO tired!


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