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Moving Around

on April 24, 2014
We are always busy it seems.  We’ve been babysitting other kids and doing too many other things, but I like to do service and help people and I think it’s good for the kids to help too.
Abby helped me do my toenails earlier this week.  That’s about as close to a professionally done pedicure (still never had one, but maybe I’ll splurge one day and do it.)
We helped Andy’s Aunt Nancy pack up Monday and Tuesday (yes, the same aunt who was married on Saturday.)  I only had snippets of time on Monday, but I went over part of the day.  Abby and Vincent came with me on Tuesday after Vincent was done with school to help load the second huge Uhaul.
Abby really likes to pick dandelions.  Then she’ll play with them for a long time.
She wanted to plant the dandelions in some dirt too.  Man, she was filthy!
Vincent found this foam frame that he played with for awhile.  He helped in the moving van by pushing the boxes to the back where the lady Andi was stacking them.  I drove past again Tuesday night on the way to take Olivia to ballet and they were almost ready to leave for Boise and then continued to Utah on Wednesday.  We will miss them!
Monday night (after helping Nancy move, babysitting, and making dinner) I worked at Kohl’s.  I was so tired, but amazingly, I got the whole task done of cleaning up the kids section and having every table of folded shirts folded.  This task is so big, it’s hardly ever DONE.  That’s why I’ve been doing it since January and I can just barely say this time it was done.  It helped a lot that the lady who was there just before me cleaned up the Home section really good and folded a lot before she left as well so I could focus on just fixing the top shirts and get through it all.  I even did a little shift in customer service while the other lady was on a break.  One of my coworkers who cleans up the clothes in Misses-Juniors-Mens came though kids and said that it looked better than it had in a long time.  (I don’t usually work at the same time as she does either, so that was a compliment, not a diss).  Here’s the trouble: People leave things they don’t want ALL OVER the store.  For your future reference, if you don’t want something either put it back or take it up to the register.  It’s the worst to find something shoved into a shelf with a bunch of clothes and you have to pause to take it back or figure out what else to do with it.  Since I only have two hands, they fill up really fast.  People just trash the place daily (hourly).  It’s NOT Ross.  Be nice. =)
Wednesday we watched a cousin play baseball at the middle school that Elizabeth will go to in the fall.
My kids don’t like to watch sports much.  We stayed for a few innings until it was time to go home and finish dinner.

One response to “Moving Around

  1. rachel says:

    its not ross!!!! favorite line.

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