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PTA Convention

on May 1, 2014
This past weekend was the Washington State PTA Convention.  I was able to attend with a friend who is going to be the secretary of our school’s PTA next year, along with me as the President (eek!)  There were vendors set up so we could check them all out and possibly use some for our PTA activities comingup. One was a photography business that doesn’t come to our side of the state that let us use props to take a fun picture.
We actually have a really great group of officers and I’m excited.  There are two Co Vice Presidents as well as Co Treasurers that we had last year.  We really like Co Treasurers.  It splits up the work a lot and keeps a good check on everyone as well.
First day at the general session.  I am always learning and getting new ideas.
Another shot of Shanell and I at convention.  We were early this day.
Seattle Seahawk Doug Baldwin (just spent some time looking up who it was because I really don’t care about sports…)  He spoke well and answered some questions people asked as well, but he kept calling us teachers, I guess assuming that PTA is more T than P.
Our friend from Hanford was elected as Washington State Financial Officer.  She gave a great speech and is going to do a fantastic job!
Our friend Connie was the Ribbon Lady.  She made everyone feel welcome and helped them out.
Shanell and I checked out some places for dinner and decided on the Pub across the street from the Hyatt in Bellevue.  She had a beer (a ROOT beer!)  I had the most delicious burger ever.
We had a good time and learned so much.  We came home Sunday evening over some snowy roads. This picture was taken by one of the vendors and posted on a page I just happened to see.  This magician was amazing!  He had Shanell write her name on a card and kept pulling the card out of the deck, but more than that, he even had her open a sealed envelope with her card in it at the end!
Earlier last week I went to Pasco to pick up Olivia’s poster she made over Spring Break that she entered into a contest.  She didn’t win, but they asked me to come and pick up the poster.  When I showed up there, instead of giving me a stuffed animal or DQ coupon, they said she won the door prize which was 4 tickets to see Sesame Street Live this Wednesday.  Andy took Olivia, Vincent, and Abby with him to watch it.  I was at work and dropped Elizabeth off with Grandma Shirley because there were only four tickets and Elizabeth’s a little big for Sesame Street anyway.  Elizabeth worked on her little finger puppets.  She has already sold five sets (two animal sets, two ninja sets, and one princess set).  This one is the Little Red Hen set.  I’ve only helped by letting her raid my supplies.  She has done it all herself.
Thursday night before convention our Relief Society had a Happy Birthday book exchange.  Everyone brought a book with a note inside about why it’s special to them and then we did a white elephant exchange.  It was fun.
Here are the pictures from Andy’s phone camera at the Sesame Street Live concert.  Looks like Abby had a good time.  It was reported that Vincent was upset because Andy wouldn’t buy him cotton candy or a toy before going in.
Olivia had a good time, despite being a little old for Sesame Street.
Here’s what the stage looked like.  I assume there are characters there in the white spot in the middle. =)
And that is life lately.

One response to “PTA Convention

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    I am glad Elizabeth found a place to go Wed Night. Good going Olivia!!! Nice to WIN the tickets- much better than a DQ Coupon. You had a fun time at the PTA Convention. I remember the FUN days I had doing that.

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