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April Goal Update

on May 2, 2014

January here. February here. March here.

1. COUPLE-Two $10 Dollar Date Nights a month with Andy.

We watched the second Thor movie together this month at home borrowed from the library and went to the adult and 12+ youth session of Stake Conference.  Then we went out for Costa Vida all by ourselves.

2. SELF-IMPROVEMENT- Read 100 books.  Check out my list at Goodreads.  I’m on book #27 and #28 for the year. Complete list and reviews at the bottom of this post.

3. SELF-EDUCATION- Learn to use Sander Tool I asked for and got from Santa in 2012….  Um, still no.  Why do I struggle with this?  Well, it could be because I’ve been watching other people’s kids all month…

4. FAMILY- Read scriptures four times a week (several nights are busy with mutual and other activities).
Seriously failing at this.  We had FHE this week though!

Books read in April 2014: (I discovered some books that I read in previous months that I forgot to add so I updated February and March)
Week One-
Book 23 continued for the year.  Lark Rise
Divided up the three books to read separately on here even though I’m reading the large 556 page trilogy. 
The first book was really slow and descriptive, which is good, but there wasn’t much going on which made it hard to read quickly. I’d read a chapter and have to take a nap. It’s a great book for falling asleep to if you’re looking for one of those! I may try the second and third books in the series, but not right now. The BBC show was great!

Week Two-
Book 24 for the year. Blackmoore
It was amazing! I was hooked from the four page of the book. A great follow-up book to Edenbrooke (but not a sequel-totally new characters and setting). Could I see some things coming? Yes, but the writing was so good, nothing felt expected.

Book 25 for the year. Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims
I enjoyed this writing by Rush ‘Revere’ about the pilgrims and their faith and struggles. It was fun and entertaining as well as educational.

Week Three-
Book 26 for the year.  Dangerous
This book kept me guessing the whole time about what would happen and how it would end and who was bad or good and so many things! If I say too much I’ll give it away, but I found the main character relateable and easy to follow with her train of thought.  It’s a fun book to read and just takes a day or two (depending on how much spare time you have/make.)

Book 27 for the year. Spirit Animals Wild Born Book One
This is a mother-daughter book group selection written by Brandon Mull who wrote the Fablehaven series that Elizabeth has read twice. (She also just finished the Harry Potter series!)  I bought this one from the Book Worm (local trade in store that I took two paper grocery bags full of books we don’t need anymore to and got $30 of credit).  Just finished it.  It’s a fun book that continues on, but with different authors for each book.

Continuing Book 28 for the year. Parenting Teens with Love and Logic
Andy and I are reading this together so we know how to handle teenage problems that start younger and younger all the time and how to be better parents.  We have finished the main part of the book and are moving onto the back part that covers what to do in certain situations.

I finished the February church magazines and am moving into March magazines.  I have a goal to finish before the General Conference issue comes out in a week or so.

I’m behind in my books by about 7.  That means I’m nearly a month behind, but I’m sure I can catch up at some point, like in the summer when we drive to Ohio…


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