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A Happy Mother’s Day!

on May 12, 2014
What do you know?  I finally had a really nice Mother’s Day.  WAY better than a few years ago for sure.
Friday one of my visiting teachers brought me some beautiful tulips and a card from both visiting teachers and we had a quick visit.
Saturday was a nice relaxing day.  I slept in, read my book, sorted through all the girl clothes and switched Abby’s out to some of the 4t shirts, took a nap, hung out with the kids, Andy asked what I want for Mother’s Day and went and picked up a mega chocolate blizzard per my request.  Then Andy and I went to Richland High School’s performance of The Wizard of Oz as ushers.  One of my friends on facebook asked earlier in the week for ushers and that meant free entrance, so we helped her out and watched a really great show.  Free, fun date!
Sunday I slept in until I had to get up to get ready for our 11am church.  The kids made me fun cards and pictures.
This one is from Abby.
This is from Elizabeth.  (You may wonder about the “kiss Vincent” part.  Originally she wrote “hits Vincent”.  I made her change that and really apologize.  So mean.)
Vincent’s cute flower he glued on for me on one side.
And what he thinks on the other. =)
Olivia made a bunch of things.  This is a card she made during a recess Friday.
The card from church.
And the pretty painting and poem she wrote in her class at school.
I love this one!
Elizabeth made yummy tacos for dinner Sunday night (with Andy’s supervision) while I took a nap and we went to Ransom’s for strawberry shortcakes for Torrie’s birthday.
Abby after a fresh bath on Monday night.
Elizabeth finished three sets of her finger puppets.  They were custom ordered from a friend who wanted two sets of ninjas for her grandsons and a set of princesses for her granddaughter. They liked them!
The ninjas.
The princesses.  Rapunzel even has a long braid.
Elizabeth puts them into altoid boxes to keep them together and decorates the box.  If you happen to have some altoid boxes to donate to her or if you would like to order your own finger puppets, let me know.
I signed the big girls up with emails this weekend too.  They needed their own to play a game online and now they have a few family penpals to write to.  They are always wanting to check their email already.  If you want to write to them, shoot me an email and I’ll pass their emails along to you.

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