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School Carnival (and more)

on May 17, 2014

Friday was our school carnival.  I was so busy for three days baking up a storm (which equaled at least half of the bake sale…that I run during carnival.)

We had a new chairperson for carnival this year who took it on along with her husband and actually had a committee.  She fixed games, made new games, made new signs with white sheets (so they won’t rip and crumple like paper), and just did a really terrific job!  She even made a wind sock sign for the parking lot that says carnival and another HUGE sign on the baseball backstop with some cups.  Clever lady!

The date was up on the side of the fence too.
This game didn’t need much redoing or fixing, but this shows you the cool new signs.  She used fabric to iron on the fun fishing pole and fish.
This game is the potty toss and you toss ping pong balls into the toilet.  I love that she even made a little partition and added the number of tickets each game costs above the game too.
This game was new this year as well and is the leap frog game.  These two fun men were testing it out before the carnival started.
Half of the gym looked like this.  The new setup with the benches in the middle with some garbage cans was so nice for parents and grandparents who needed to sit down.
All of that was nice and wonderful, but this is where I hang out.  The bake sale.  This was my fifth year running it (I didn’t run it Elizabeth’s kindergarten year). I made almost all of the cupcakes (and all the mini cupcakes except for 18 for the cake walk) along with a few double batches of cookies, brownies, and some banana bread, pretty much half of the food…  We have to individually wrap everything for the health department which is why the cupcakes are in cups.
Andy had to go out of town for work and left Friday morning for South Carolina, so I called in some help from our game night friends.  Nathan said he would take Vincent and Abby around and then Mary and Gary showed up too.  These two kids had a great time and stayed for nearly the whole carnival.
Saturday morning I slept in (because I cleaned the house Friday night knowing I wouldn’t want to do it Saturday) and then we played outside a little.  This is Abby’s nest she made for our chalk eggs in the little wheelbarrow.  If you think she looks like she has green makeup on, you aren’t far off.  She put little stamps all over her face.
Vincent found a caterpillar and put it in a cup with dirt, flowers, leaves, and some water.  He also put stamps on his face.
Olivia was picking the neighbor’s ivy stuff that hangs over our fence for a game and the light looked so perfect, I took her picture.  I think this is one of the best I’ve taken, but that might just be my bias eyes thinking.
Vincent and Abby were studying brains one night this week.  They must be learning a lot.
And now it’s time to enjoy some quiet and watch a movie.  Maybe I’ll even make the last bag of popcorn.

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