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Pinstrosity Post

on May 24, 2014

I sent my idea for road trips that we have been using for a few years into the Pinstrosity website.  They test things that are on Pinterest and show us which ones work and which don’t and use pictures viewers send it with what happened for them.  It’s a lot of fun to read when they post (almost daily) and they say what they think could be changed to make the pin work better as well.
They are doing a theme this week about road trips so I typed up a little something and sent it to them.  Here’s the link if you’d like to read it.


2 responses to “Pinstrosity Post

  1. rachel says:

    yep, i was going to ask you about this for my trip. perfect timing.

  2. […] by NaDell on July 6, 2014 Sunday we had yummy blueberry pancakes at Sunny’s before going with her to church.  The kids had a good time in primary while we went to Sunday School and other classes. We packed up before church and were ready to head out after lunch at Uncle Richard’s house. We ended up leaving a little before 3pm, but we didn’t have far to go and we don’t swim on Sundays in hotels, so we just got to Michigan City, Indiana and went out for pizza for dinner.  I must have been really tired or something because the lady brought us waters to drink and the kids had lids on their cups.  While I tried to take Abby’s cup away because she was misbehaving with it, I knocked my whole tall cup over toward Andy and Vincent.  The lady had to bring towels over.  I’m sure she was glad I only had water, but it was not very nice that I was the one making the mess.  Then Vincent’s straw poked a hole in his cup (I’m sure he helped) and it started spilling out under the table at the girls who thought he was peeing or something.  We got another towel from the nice lady and ordered our pizzas.  Everyone had a potty break while we waited and before Andy and Vincent came back, the lady brought me a new water and I promptly spilled it again, but this time it was toward the outside of the table.  She must have thought I was drunk or something.  It was a mess.  We couldn’t stop laughing about it all.  The pizzas came and they were delicious.  Elizabeth asked the lady if I could have water with a lid.  I refused to get a new water just in case I’d embarrass myself even more and spill that too! Monday we drove to Fargo, North Dakota marking the 12th state on our trip (and eight new states for me!)  Nothing really memorable happened other than that I finished reading all but one of my books I brought with me and traffic+construction made our trip much longer this day than we planned. We stayed in the nicest hotel that had two rooms in the suite.  The bigger girls stayed out in the front room on the hide-a-bed after we went swimming for about 15 minutes because the pool closed at 10:30 and we pulled in that day at 10pm.  We’d been looking forward to this hotel pool even more than the other pools because this one had a really fun slide.  I went down once with Abby after Andy came in (he had to put the hotel cart away and park the car).  It was fun.  Vincent and Andy both went down as well, but the bigger girls were scared. Because it was a short swim, Andy decided to take the bigger girls back in the morning before we left to swim for an hour.  They both tried the slide then and liked it a lot. Tuesday morning we stopped in Ransom County in North Dakota.  Andy’s seen Ransom County on maps his whole life and has always wanted to go there.  Now we have.  Abby’s in this picture too.  This place is named after some guy named Ransom who’s not in our family tree. I woke up with a terrible sore throat and just took this picture from the window.  I spent most of the day sleeping in the car as much as possible.  Andy picked up a bottle of lemon juice for me to drink to calm my sore throat down. We headed over to Fort Ransom after the courthouse.  This viking was up on a hill that the sign called a pyramid. Close up of the viking.  Andy has almost no Scandinavia in his family tree, but NaDell has plenty, so our kids are part Viking. We walked across the gravel road to the other sign for a picture.  A nice lady was driving her mom around and stopped to take our picture so I could be in it and then told us that we should stay for the day in Ransom County because they do so many things in the evening.  We didn’t have time for that.  We had to get moving. Andy says: This relief depicting building the Interstate Highway system was carved into the bricks on a rest stop building in North Dakota.  I declared that if North Dakota has money to blow putting art on a rest area, it better be clean, and it was just about the cleanest rest area I’ve ever visited. We stayed in Billings Tuesday night and went to visit Andy’s cousin and his family who live there.  It was good to see them and we saw the Billings Temple from the hill too. We skipped the hotel pool this night because we were exhausted and I still felt lousy.  We got to the hotel room and I just curled up in the covers and let the girls get Vincent and Abby ready for bed and made Andy take over after he parked the car.  We all slept at least nine hours.  I guess it was needed. After the hotel breakfast I had Olivia braid my hair.  Here’s how she did before it all fell out from my head on the seat and I had to make it a bun. Wednesday we were super excited to get back to our own house.  I still had a sore throat and a cough and that’s never fun.  Kids were starting to get a little cranky too, but they did pretty good and better than expected overall. We stopped and visited Andy’s sister in Cheney (just two hours from home!) on our way through and bought some pizza to share with them for dinner.  It was a great way to eat dinner and visit in one final stop. It’s so nice to be home and sleep in our own beds.  I am still a little sick, even a week later, but it’s not as bad as it was.  Just an annoying tickle in my throat now that mostly bugs me when I’m laying down to go to sleep. PS.  We owe the kids a lot of quarters! […]

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