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Ohio-Lake Erie

on June 30, 2014
We went to Lake Erie with Sunny and her kids. Abby figured out all by herself to take her socks and shoes off and didn’t even need a reminder to bring them with her.  She’s growing up!
I loved watching the kids toss little pebbles into the lake and play in the waves. (Check out Olivia’s long, skinny arm.  I think she might end up pretty tall after all!)
Waiting to jump waves.
Andy in the Great Lake Erie.  There was garbage here and there, Sunny said it all floats over from Canada.
NaDell by Lake Erie.
Vincent mid jump with his sisters and a cousin.
Elizabeth was ready to face this wave, but Abby and Vincent were not!
Family picture at Lake Erie.
The kids loved it here.
Nothing better than playing in the lake.  It took one or two tries to explain to Vincent that this wasn’t the ocean.
The kids asked the rest of our trip when we would go back to the lake.
After changing outfits for the kids who got too wet, we met up with the rest of the family, at a place called Eat-N-Park, for dinner.
The rains came along too!  You may think this is a carwash (and I guess it was without the soap), but it’s just super heavy rain.
We decided to wait in the car a little longer until we could see individual drops on the windshield, then we made a dash for it.  When it’s raining hard in Tri-Cities, you just wait five minutes and it will stop.  That strategy doesn’t work in the mid-west.
Grandma Shirley and Grandpa George with the kids after they finished their food.  It was really crazy in the restaurant.  Our waitress had a colorful personality, and she kept teasing Vincent.  He was so hungry and tired his body language said, “leave me alone, lady!”  This place had yummy, inexpensive food though and we liked that!
What an exciting first day!  So much more to come!

One response to “Ohio-Lake Erie

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    The water would have been even more fun in swim suits, huh? No wonder they wanted to go back there. Fun times!

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