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Ohio-Squaw Rock and Auction

on July 3, 2014
It was rainy overnight so we met at Uncle Richard’s for them to figure out where to hike instead of the rock hike we were going to do.  They decided against having kids climb all over wet rocks.
We went to this park instead and the kids played and we had a picnic lunch.

Vincent liked the Swiss cheese in his sandwich.  He’s so cheesy.

The older kids played more games.  I think for this one they all had to make a different sign with their arms or something like that.

Abby and Vincent went with me on a mini hike with some of the other restless kids before the real hike.

We drove to a different part of this huge park for the hike.  When we started Abby decided to hike without using her knees.  Grandpa Paul prodded her along while Grandma Ellen giggled when Abby noticed it and laughed.

The kids who were behind me for a little while.  Abby latched onto one of the bigger girls and I didn’t have much to do after that.

The girls went down to the Squaw Rock.  It’s on the edge of a river and they were sad we wouldn’t let them get all wet like most of their cousins were because I didn’t want their shoes wrecked because they need to wear them the rest of the summer.  I’m a mean mom like that… Squaw Rock is a carving with so many different things in it. If you’re interested, you can look it up.

Abby figured out a way to keep her feet from getting tired.

I hiked back with Andy’s parents.

While we waited for the whole group to get together again, I pulled some snacks out of the car to share.  I overheard Grandma Ellen say she wanted a candy bar and I had granola bars, so I gave her one of those.  I had several bags of licorice and gingersnaps and some bagels to share as well.  (I had a lot of roadtrip snacks.)

Olivia practiced her braiding with the licorice.

And she’s still practicing braiding her hair.  She does this all on her own.  She watched a YouTube video a few months ago and has been doing this ever since.

Front of the braid.

After the hike we went on our own to some falls.

Vincent and Olivia by the falls.

Abby posing like she always does for me.  She’s smiling.  I’m happy.

We headed back to Sunny’s house to help with dinner and to rest.  Sunny’s husband made some of the best chicken ever.  I helped make a pasta salad with pepperoni, cheese, and bell peppers with Italian dressing.

While we ate a little fawn came out to the neighbor’s garden.

We had a family meeting to talk about the reunion in two years and it’s going to be in Idaho near Yellowstone at a home Andy’s aunt has there with her family.  It’s going to be so much fun!

We planned to have a family picture as well so I handed my camera off to a friend of the family and she practiced a little.  She took this one of Abby.

Here’s most of the family who was there.  Right after this was taken another family came and we took another picture, but by then the sun moved into faces, so I like this one much better.

We had a family auction to raise money for the next reunions and to replenish the funds from this reunion.  These are some of the things at the adult table.

And the kid table is a lot of fun (more came after I took the picture)! We did the kid table differently this year because there were so many items and so many kids.  The kids each drew a number (1-20) and then when their number was called, they went up and picked something from the table.  When we got to 20, we went back down.  I think our kids ended up with about four things each.

Grandma Ellen shared a story with everyone, but especially the kids about how to make a difference in someone else’s life.

This night was a lot of fun.  Everyone really liked the auction and bid higher than I expected on a lot of things.  My jean quilt went for $65 I believe.
Then I cleaned up the kitchen while Sunny went to bed because I like to clean kitchens and I’m a night owl and she was exhausted and she’s a morning person.  Andy took tables and chairs back to the church with the guys too.

We enjoyed seeing lightning bugs in the evenings.  We hadn’t ever seen those before (When Andy was on his mission he did see them in Iowa, but that was quite a long time ago.)

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