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Independence Day

on July 6, 2014
We started our Fourth of July with one of my favorite church events of the year-our Ward 4th of July Breakfast.  I love breakfasts (not the early time so much, but the food is awesome!)
After eating, Olivia helped Abby walk across this ledge by the grass.  She kept a pretty good hold on her and no one fell.
The Primary President arranged some kid fun.  They played Duck, Duck, Goose and then she changed it to Drip, Drip, Drop with water drips and dropping the rest of the water on someone’s head.  They liked it a lot.
The High Priest Group Leader arranged for a first annual Gummers versus Juniors flag football game.  I bet he thought of that this year because that Elder in red played for BYU.  The Primary President had water balloons and told the kids to go attack the men playing football.  It was hilarious.
After that fun, but before our kids got too wet, we went up to Andy’s parent’s place in the mountains to play for the day.  Sara was up there with her kids and we enjoyed our day.  Kids had a good time on the four-wheelers.
George took Vincent on a little ride of his own.
Andy’s cousin Jared was there with his dad and taught Olivia how to shoot a bow and arrow.
Two trees were cut down here and they became a great stage.  Vincent went and stood on one and then Ezra wanted to get up, so Vincent helped him and then moved back to the bigger one.
We had quite a performance of mostly Frozen songs.  Cuties.
Two fun guys.  Not fungus.
Mostly I just like to go there and relax and enjoy it all.
We came home and had dinner and game night before popping some popcorn and going out to our front yard to watch some fireworks from around our neighborhood.  We’d rather enjoy other people’s money being wasted than waste ours.
Then I took Elizabeth with me to go grocery shopping so I didn’t have to go alone.  It was fun.

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