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Playing games, Swimming, & a Musical

on July 13, 2014
I was chosen to host another FREE House Party.  This time it was for Hasbro and they sent me three games to try out.  The weekend to have the party was the weekend of the Fourth of July though and no one was able to attend so we had our own little party with just our family and then I headed out to work.
We played Catch Phrase Decades which was fun, except we don’t know a lot of the current celebrities or how to describe them.  Andy had the clue Taylor Swift and said “sewing very fast” and Elizabeth was able to figure it out.  It was fun.

Vincent liked the Bop It Beats game, but was frustrated when he missed an instruction and he lost.  I liked this game a lot.  It was a favorite for Elizabeth.

Olivia enjoyed the Simon Swipe game.  It lit up and then you do the same pattern as the lights had done.  I liked this one too.

And a group shot that’s required for House Party.  They sent me all of the games and batteries and some Quaker granola bars to try out for free and some coupons to pass out. If you want some coupons, let me know soon.

We met some friends at the park to play when I saw on facebook that they were in town.  We went to a wading pool in the park after eating a picnic lunch and playing on the toys.  Elizabeth was helping Abby swim.

Abby could stand up in the pool and it only came up to her waist or lower.  It was nice for a hot, hot summer day!  And then it ended abruptly when another mom was picking up some cardboard and leaves out of the pool and then found POOP!  Everybody out!  Disgusting.  It was NOT my kids by the way.

My friend Rayleen and I went to middle and high school together as well as church and so many other things.  We were even in the same ward when our first kids were born before her family moved away so her husband could go to dental school.  We always try to see each other when they’re in town.

We planned on meeting another classmate at the park the first day, but she didn’t check her facebook after our initial conversations and we didn’t have her phone number.  We finally heard from her that afternoon after we got home and planned another park day in our hometown.  We went out there and had another picnic and played in the Snake River. Vincent fell down as we walked across a basketball court on the way to the river and skinned his knee so I had to run over to the van and pull out the first aid kit to help him out.  That’s why he’s so hesitant in this picture.

Randomly Elizabeth ran into a set of twins who are in her class at school who were at the park with their grandma, so they played a little.

Olivia put a life jacket on Abby and walked out a little ways until Abby wanted to come back to the shore.  I love having helpers.

We finally had had enough of the heat and were almost ready to go home, but the kids stopped to play for a bit on the fun playset again.

We visited some more.  It was a fun day to see my friends.  I used to check books out from Sheena, especially “The Baby-sitter’s Club” books because she had almost every one of them.  She even made me a library card.  We used to walk home together and talk about the differences in our religions (Mormon and Baptist) and really enjoyed each other.  She brought her three very blond boys to play.

Abby (the Superpower) wanted her picture taken after Elizabeth took our picture.  I called her that because lately whenever someone asks her name, that’s what she says.  I guess she wants to be addressed as Abby the Superpower.  She is so full of energy (and her hair is growing back!  Time for another trim).

Elizabeth was taking pictures of the dolls after Olivia fixed their hair to show off the dresses she has been making this year (see their blog here and feel free to leave them a comment or two to encourage them!).  Then Vincent wanted to sit in front of the backdrop Elizabeth made with a couch cushion and blanket. I think his headshot turned out pretty nice.

We played more games Friday night while Andy was camping with the scouts with our game night friends and had free slurpees from 7-11.

I got a phone call from Kohl’s Thursday asking if I’d like to be cross-trained to do customer service as well because they recognized how organized I am and that I can get tasks finished efficiently.  The manager who called told me that they don’t normally move people up unless they are really impressed. I guess I’ll start training for that soon. I have already been covering some breaks for customer service so I already know how to do many things back there, but I’ll learn more.  I usually learn something new every time I work back there, so I’m excited.  Andy asked if that little promotion comes with a raise.  We’ll see.  I’m not all that worried about that part of it…

The same manager told me Monday night that she was excited to see my name on the schedule when she was closing because I do a good job and work really hard.  I told her I do my best and just want to try and get it all cleaned up and folded and really done, but hardly ever can get it all done.  She told me than that I get about the closest of anyone to getting it done and told me that I’m well thought of at Kohl’s.  Man, that made me feel good!

I worked again Wednesday night and the lady in charge of the Kid’s section worked before me and told me she was hiding from me because she’d been working on projects all day and hadn’t done many of the go-backs (stuff that needs to be returned to where it goes from customer service) and she was embarrassed to leave me with a mess.  She had been rearranging where clothes go and doing signs and all kinds of things like that all day.  I’d rather clean up than do those things anyway.  She told me that when she came in Tuesday morning after I worked Monday night that it looked beautiful (It wasn’t perfect, but like I said, I do my best!)  I’m seriously loving this praise because I DO work really hard!

Kohl’s kept calling me to work this weekend even though I wasn’t on the schedule, but I’d already made plans, so I had to say no, but that’s they way it goes.  I’ll see plenty of Kohl’s next week, I’m sure.

I had a few friends performing in “The Sound of Music” and invited Andy’s mom and my mom to go with me, Elizabeth, and Olivia.  It was fun to watch.  One of my friends was a nun in the play (actually I went to school with her sons in Burbank) and wanted her granddaughter to come and watch, but she didn’t have anyone to sit by, so she called me on Saturday afternoon to see if she could sit by us.  She got along great with my girls and my friend even put out a blanket for us to save our seat right in the middle in the front row!

The play was well done.  It was outside at a new venue and was extra nice after the sun set.  The only downside was that the grass we were on was wet and made our pants wet which is no fun.

Another friend was playing her violin in the orchestra while her daughter was acting onstage.  (She’s the one in the sunglasses with the cute blond ponytail.)

They actually double-cast the play with a set of brunette children and a set of blond kids.  My violinist’s daughter is the second from the left playing Marta.

Here they are singing “Do-Ri-Me” with Maria.

All lined up to sing the “So Long, Farewell” song.

My friend is the nun in the middle of this picture.

The three girls watching after intermission (and eating some chips).  I spent intermission waving our jean quilt around to dry it off and then folded it up four times the long way to sit on it by the rocks to rest our backs. The best part about the second act for me had to be when Maria and Captain Von Trapp kissed and my friend’s granddaughter wasn’t expecting it and said “Uhg!” way too loud.  All the people around us laughed really loud.  I guess she hasn’t seen the movie.  I warned her that they may kiss again…

The moon was beautiful to watch come up.  It looked more orange in person.

It was such a nice evening out with our moms (even though Andy’s mom had a chair and had to sit in a different section. Next time we’ll all bring chairs!).  I’m glad we watched the movie in the last six months so they understood it a little.  They were still surprised when I told them about the Nazis and World War II and that this story happened for real. (They did not use the word Nazi in this kid-friendly play.)
And next week we are moving on to busier days with scheduled swimming lessons.  I’ve really been enjoying these past few weeks without anything much on our calendar and plenty of time to read, play outside (or inside when it was hot), and nap a lot, but it’s time to do swimming lessons again.

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  1. Thanks for the invite. (& for not mentioning my little tumble coming down the stairs after intermission. ) I enjoyed the front row!

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