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July Goal Update

on August 6, 2014

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1. COUPLE-Two $10 Dollar Date Nights a month with Andy.

Andy and I tried out a new pizza restaurant and shared a lasagna pizza (more than $10, but not too much).  We also had a blizzard date.

2. SELF-IMPROVEMENT- Read 100 books.  Check out my list at Goodreads.  I finished 55 books this year already. I was ahead of schedule and then I got home and got busy and started a long book that was hard to get through so now I’m three books behind schedule.  I also decided it was time to do some scrapbooking and get Abby born in our family history (other than my blog), especially since I’ve had the pictures printed for a long time and all the supplies I need (other than more tape/glue).  I’m happy to announce that our 3 1/2 year old is now in our scrapbook and is already six months. =)  Only 3 years behind now!  Woohoo!  I have the rest of the pictures from 2011 and then I’ll have to wait until I print more.  (I am just getting the pictures on the pages and doing simple page decorating and I’ll journal them later when I compare pictures to my blog so I remember the stories again, so I’m pretty fast.)  This has cut into my book reading time, but it’s worth it.
(Complete book list and mini reviews at the bottom of this post.)

3. SELF-EDUCATION- Learn to use Sander Tool I asked for and got from Santa in 2012…. I used it last month and decided the sander tool is too small for anything more than details and corners.  We looked at other attachments and sanders when we went to Home Depot after our pizza date.

4. FAMILY- Read scriptures four times a week (several nights are busy with mutual and other activities).
We have adjusted this goal to learning the Articles of Faith as a family.  We take a new one each week and say it before prayers and meals.  We are still reciting the ones we already learned too and it’s working.  Abby’s favorite is #2.  I’ll have to record it and share it soon.  We learn about each one when we first learn it so everyone understands.  We are now on #7.

Books read in July 2014:
Week One-
Book 52 for the year: Inferno by Dan Brown
I actually started this book last October and had to return it to the library before I finished and finally got back to it. It was so intense and exciting and kept moving and changing. Great book!

Week Two-
Book 53 for the year: Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
I hadn’t read a book about American POWs in Japan before and mostly didn’t know about that side of the war. This book was so informative, while still being truthful about the horrible things that happened to so many POWs.  I don’t know that I “enjoyed” this book, but I did think the author did a really fantastic job of showing so many different people and the history behind all of it.  She tied it together very nicely.  (This was the book for our second Ladies Lunch and Lit group and it’s awesome!)

Book 54 for the year: The Sisters Impossible by J.D. Landis
My eight year old read this in 3rd grade this year and wanted to reread it this summer, so I decided to read it when she was done with it. I enjoyed the story about a younger sister starting dance years after her sister did, but it was odd that she hadn’t heard anything about dance and hadn’t seen the dance studio at all. Maybe I just think that because any dancer’s family I know kind of lives there…
I was also disappointed that there was some swearing in this book (and that it was at the elementary school where my third grader read it).
The story was good because it did help the sister relationship, but I won’t be checking this out again or reading anything else from this author.

Week Three-
Book 55 for the year: Four: The Transfer by Veronica Roth-
This book may have only been a chapter, but it was very in depth about Four’s life before Dauntless. I could not stop reading it until I finished and I was disappointed when it was over.

Week Four and Five and a few days of August-
Book 56 for the year: The Crimson Campaign (Powder Mage Trilogy #2 written by Andy’s cousin Brian McClellan)-
I read the first book in this series about a year ago so it took a little while to remember what was going on, but it was interesting.  I had a hard time keeping my eyes open though because things have been so busy lately and the only time I seem to be able to sit and read is in the afternoons when I really need a nap (because I keep staying up too late scrapbooking/working/not sleeping.)  I’m excited to see where the series goes and how it ends.

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