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on August 17, 2014
My parents arranged a campout at a church-owned campground in the Blue Mountains where I went to four of my five years of Girl’s Camp and where our ward normally goes for our ward campout.
We got there just before one brother and my sister had to leave for home with their families, but we were there with another brother and his kids and some extended family (and our buddy Nathan joined us too since he’s practically an uncle).
Here are all the grandkids of my parents who were able to attend.  My little brothers weren’t able to join us this time and we missed them!
Saturday morning the kids woke up a little before 8am and wanted to go on a hike before breakfast.  My dad, Nathan, and I took them.  My dad is showing them where carpenter ants have been eating this log.
Seth and Vincent waiting for the rest of us to catch up.  We had to go Abby speed.
Olivia and Elizabeth and a bunch of other cousins caught up to us on the path.
Hiking group.
Rope/Log bridge.  The kids loved this.  Vincent’s turn.
Olivia’s turn to cross.
Abby crossed it in style on Grandpa Paul’s shoulders.  I don’t think she covered both of his eyes walking across the log…
We found some berries.
After a pancake, sausage, egg, muffin, banana breakfast I finally let the kids go in the river.  They wanted to go in Friday night, but I didn’t let them.  I only wanted one set of wet clothes and towels and they looked forward to it and played longer Friday.  My dad’s cousin brought his family up.  This is Elizabeth with his daughter Rebecca.  Elizabeth’s in the green shirt.
Olivia rounded up a group to play volleyball with her.  I think her team won.
Vincent in the river.
Andy monitored Abby and Vincent.
Olivia and a cousin in the river.
Elizabeth liked getting all wet and helped her cousins walk the small river rapids too.
Uncle Milton said he was going to take out the trash Saturday and Abby wanted to help him.  She loves chores.
She loves having little walks too.  What a fun girl she is.
Andy and I relaxing in the woods on a nice day.
(PS. I was still tired from working Thursday evening at 6:50pm-5:30am Friday morning.)
Abby asking my dad’s cousin if he wanted to go with her on a nature hike.  She wanted to find the blackberries and raspberries we found earlier in the day on our hike.
He obliged.  What a nice guy.  He said that Abby told him she was worried that she’d never see her parents ever again and that they needed to go back to camp.  She was worried like that with two other mini hikes she did too.  Cute.
When Abby didn’t want to stay away from the water, she was tied to a rope that was tied to a tree.  This was so much fun that Rebecca (12) tied herself to the other rope anytime she was in camp.  Aunt Mary was worried about Abby wrapping up too tight and falling down.  She didn’t.
Abby pretended she was tired for a minute Saturday while we packed up.  She did fall asleep on the way home.
We enjoy camping, but it’s so much better to go for more than one night because of all the packing and unloading/reloading we have to do.
A few weeks ago Vincent had a kid camp where he learned about wild animals.  He loved it.  He’s the one in the yellow shirt in the lion mask.
They made egg carton caterpillars one day.
Andy went on a hike with his 14-15 year old Boy Scouts last weekend in Oregon.
They all survived and had a good time.

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