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The Tale of a Tree

on August 17, 2014

Olivia Ransom’s Quote:

I was playing with a friend on a nice day. While my friend and my little brother were on the patio, my sister and I were heading their way when my sister, Elizabeth heard thunder. We ran to the door. In a flash not thunder or lightning but a tree branch fell down on the patio roof and right on top of the sprinkler where we had been playing just a few minutes before. While screaming and pounding on the door more branches fell. Suddenly, mom opened the door. We all ran in terrified. No one was hurt, not even a scratch. Apparently, two branches poked through the roof into the ceiling in our back room.


Elizabeth Ransom’s Quote:

I thought I heard thunder and yelled “Thunder!” We all ran to the door. And in a couple of seconds after I said that, the tree branch fell right where Olivia and I were standing.

My story:

So last Tuesday was pretty nice.  The weather was great.  The kids wanted to go outside and run through the sprinklers in our backyard with a neighbor girl.  It was 93 degrees, so I said yes.  They played and played for quite awhile and then turned the sprinkler off and started a new game. The wind picked up really fast and they incorporated that into their game and made the patio a ‘house’ for the neighbor girl and Vincent while Elizabeth and Olivia played under our tree.  That’s when the tree cracked (thunder sound) and fell.  The girls were underneath where this HUGE set of branches fell just moments before, but Elizabeth had the thought of thunder and yelled to Olivia to run.  Thank goodness!  A friend of mine posted a video online of a mini tornado in the mountain just 30 miles away from us that happened close to the same time.  That’s how much wind there was.  Now after hearing that, check out this picture and the rest of them.

The hose from the sprinkler is right there by the slide.  You can see the powerline in the top right of the picture too.This is the biggest branch that fell.  HUGE.

Corner of the house where the tree landed.
You can see the big crack in the biggest branch in this picture.
The next day I took some pictures from the other side of our house that really show where all of the branches came from.  We think the branch at the top fell first and took out the others on the way down (probably giving our girls more time to run out of the way too! Miracles.)
Closer view of what’s left of our tree.
And our house with the tree behind it.  There is a powerline that runs along the fence line in the back, so the city comes and trims that side of the tree every few years to make sure it doesn’t get in the powerline, but leaves the other half of the tree dangling over our house. I’ve asked several times for them to remove it, but now it’s not in the powerline and their budget is cut, so they wouldn’t. Boo.
I thought we avoided any real damage to our house, but found these branches poking through the ceiling in the back room where Andy has his computer, trains, and stuff.  There’s an attic above this section with nothing in it so they went through a few layers.
Andy called our homeowners insurance Wednesday morning and they sent out a local company to come and check it out and see what needed to be done.  They couldn’t really tell much because of all of the branches, so they called a tree company to come and clean up all the branches and then they came back and tarped off the roof so it wouldn’t leak if it rained again.  The tree company left these logs for a few days and then took them away.
Roof tarped.  It doesn’t appear to be damaged structurally, so we’ll see what the restoration company says Monday when they come and check it out again.  Andy’s room is mostly cleared out so the company will be able to work in there.
We are thankful for a fairly low homeowners claim deductible (and a lot of extra hours of work for me at Kohl’s lately) and that our main car was paid off last month.  Serious blessings.
I’m just so very grateful that it didn’t land on any kids and that they listened to the Holy Ghost telling them to get under the patio and obeyed.  The consequences of this could have been drastically different if they didn’t.  I’m sending in their little quotes to The Friend along with my story.
Note: the last time a big branch fell from this tree was three years ago and it wasn’t windy at all that night and it fell right next to the house and didn’t hit the patio.

One response to “The Tale of a Tree

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    I am so glad E listened to the Spirit that told her to RUN! It’s scary to think of what could have happened. Those branches had a lot of power in them to pierce your Roof and come through the ceiling like that. Hope the Repair is quickly taken care of.

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