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Pumpkin Patch

on October 8, 2014

Abby and I were invited to go to the pumpkin patch with some friends and jumped at the opportunity to go for $3 and to hang out with awesome people!  We rode over with my friend and it was nice to talk to her. It fit into our busy calendar too, so it was great.

It seems I only post pictures of Abby lately… She IS my buddy a little more than the other kids time-wise lately and I do try to debunk that myth that younger kids have less pictures taken and she’s so cute, I can hardly help taking pictures!

Abby really enjoyed the hay bale pyramid.  My stupid allergies did not, even with the allergy pill…

She gave up on the hay bale maze and just climbed up on the edge and got out.
We went in the animal area.  She liked this big sheep.
The pen behind was empty and she went and stood by it looking in and asked what was in there.  I told her an invisible horse was there and then changed it to a giraffe and she looked way up to see it and then told the other kids to come see the invisible giraffe.  It was funny to see them look up and imagine a giraffe there.  Abby did clarify that it was a baby invisible giraffe.
The kids had cookies and juice and then we rode the trailer behind the tractor to the end of the huge pumpkin patch.  The pumpkins were enormous too!  The general rule is that kids can only take what they can carry and most of them were WAY too big for Abby.  We spent a long time finding one she could carry.  This one probably weighs what she does!
Nope, too heavy!
Ten minutes or more later: Perfect size pumpkin.
It was nice to go with a little group instead of with the kindergarten big, wild class field trip.  We had extra time at all of the little stations and it was just more fun.
I wonder what other little adventures we’ll have this year!
Today after school I put Olivia’s hair in the curlers from Nutcracker because she wants curly hair for school picture day Thursday.  Elizabeth requested having her hair straightened for school Thursday so she had an after school shower and by bedtime it was almost all the way dry and I straightened her hair.  It has gotten even curlier lately, I think!  Maybe I’ll take pictures before we head out the door.  We’ll see.

One response to “Pumpkin Patch

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    I’m glad you could go with your little Buddy, I de-bunked that theory too. Took a LOT of Pictures of ALL of you!

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