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Switch it up

on October 15, 2014
Picture day was last week.  I helped during the day while Abby went to play at a friend’s house so I got my pictures for free.  I just got what I normally buy, but added on a $2 low resolution digital copy for fun.  These aren’t to print, but they are to share.  (I used to work in a print shop, so I know the copyright rules and try not to break them!)
Vincent’s school picture complete with his self-given rug burn.  Of course the scab came off later that day…
Olivia wanted curly hair for her picture, so I spent some time Wednesday night wrapping them up in her angel curlers.
That same night Elizabeth requested straight hair.  This was a picture of her at the end of the day, so it got a little more wavy throughout the day.
I came home from the Ransom Made Design Autumn Event Saturday and found Abby in the corner sleeping in a nest.
Speaking of the event, I really only made one new thing.  I’ve been too busy with other things lately to stress about this.
I made this towel apron that’s for when you are bathing your baby (or dog).  It catches the splashes from the tub, protecting your clothes and then you can hold your baby close to you afterwards all wrapped up.
Torrie modeled it for me with her new baby girl so you can see how it will work.
I’m in charge of the jog-a-thon at the school this week and trying to keep it all under control.

One response to “Switch it up

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Looks like you got a little use from my Janome! Cute School Pics.

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