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on October 23, 2014
Elizabeth had her first band concert last week.
She’s doing well on the flute.  Here’s a video of a trio she was in.
And a picture of her in her band outfit.
Vincent lost his two bottom teeth (one at night and the next the following morning.)  He was pretty excited about the Tooth Fairy visit.
Olivia decided to join an intermural after school that the PE teacher set up.  She’s on the Broncos team.  It’s called Eclipse ball and they play with a badminton racquet and a medium sized ball.
Abby often rides in the car in her pajamas when we drop Vincent and Olivia off in the mornings.
After school on Wednesday Olivia wanted to video her tap dance for the National PTA Reflections art contest in the choreography division.  I snapped a picture after videoing.  I’ll share the video after it’s done being judged.
Vincent picked a song and danced to it too.  It is awesome.
Thursday night was the Book Fair Family Night.  The kids were invited to wear costumes and do a little trick or treating upstairs after the fun stuff downstairs.  Vincent’s a dragon because the theme this year is Knights and Castles. (And he’s ‘scary’ in this picture.)
Sweet dragon and witch (with lipstick!)
The chairpeople over the Book Fair asked our PE teacher if they could set up book fair in the gym for the evening event and he agreed so after school I helped set it up.  There was WAY more room than the library had and it was busy!  Normally it’s too packed and hot to even look at all the books, so this was awesome!
Tonight I just helped mark how many books went home for each class because they are having a contest for which class buys the most books and the winning class gets an ice cream party and now that we reached our $ goal, two of the kids in the winning class will get to dump ice water on the principal and counselor.
Andy and I went and bought a water heater last night.  We wanted to switch to a gas one, but the cost of having it installed was WAY too much, so Andy will just put one in.

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