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Pumpkin Fun

on October 25, 2014
A friend invited us out to my hometown to visit her and have the kids pick out some pumpkins (and then ditched us for an alpaca show!)  We went and visited her house anyway and saw her son (one of my friends) and his sweet wife.
We took our city kids out to the farm.  They are funny with animals.  “Hey, let’s run up to the cats and horses!”  Not the best ideas… Have I mentioned here before that we aren’t pet people?
Vincent thought the alpacas were fun! (It wasn’t very cold, but he wanted his winter coat.)
Olivia got out of the car and was freezing, so I lent her my sweater, even though as we left the house Andy and I both asked her if she was going to bring a jacket….
Elizabeth and Olivia liked the alpacas too.  My friend sells alpaca wool yarn.
Vincent picked this pumpkin.
Olivia chose the pumpkin she’s pointing to.
And Elizabeth dug this pumpkin out a little bit.
Abby got a pumpkin a few weeks ago and decided she didn’t need a bigger one.  She was perfectly content with this teeny, tiny pumpkin.
Isn’t it adorable?
Olivia got a little pumpkin too.
My four sweet kids and their pumpkins.
Love them (even though they fought in the car the first ten minutes-some got extra treats at the quickie mart on the way home!)
Friday morning I cleaned up our driveway.  It had all of our bikes and wheelbarrow and other stuff there and a giant green trash can amount of leaves and sticks and dirt (and I tossed the garden sunflowers in on top).  I use our snow shovel to scoop up all the leaves and it works really well.  The grill has a few bee nests in it that I was encouraging them to vacate by leaving the top open in the rain.
(The broken plastic wagon will go in a garbage whenever we have room.  Andy will recycle the used oil.  And the cardboard is used when Andy fixes the cars.)
Our neighbor is having the tree next to the fence on his side taken out and I think it might be easier for the tree guys to reach it from our side, so I made it easier.  It might not be as clean as a neighbor across the street (who hardly ever even has a leaf in his yard), but it’s really clean for us!

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