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Family Night

on November 23, 2014

Our ward had a family night Friday.  There was also a funeral viewing that night for a member of our ward who has two kids in our ward, so one of those kids asked Andy to bring some games in his place.  We brought our Twister with two mats.  The kids really liked that. The game was busy all night.

Abby likes Dominoes. Andy played with her.  She’s pretty good at matching up the dots.
The other games we brought were fun too.
There was a missionary/serviceman letter writing area.  Vincent took a turn there.
He decided to write to a missionary who is serving in our ward right now.
From: Vincent
Dear Elder Greenwell.
I want to be a missionary too just like you.
Olivia liked that they had root beer floats.
There was also a room with crafts and a room for a lesson.  The kids did go and make crafts, but I didn’t take pictures of my own kids in there, just other families so I have them for our ward newsletter. =)
Thursday school was cancelled because of severe ice on all the roads.  By the afternoon it had all thawed out.  Regardless, CBC cancelled the opening night of Richard III that our friend Nathan was in.  Andy and I planned to go Thursday because I wasn’t working and it fit into the schedule.  I got off work just a little after it started Saturday night so Olivia went with Andy instead.  Andy took a picture of her with Nathan for me.  His cell phone doesn’t take great pictures, but there they are.
Nathan was George, Duke of  Clarence who dies early in the play and then is a ghost.
They had a good time.
Saturday night Vincent woke up with an earache and it still hurt Sunday morning so Abby and I stayed home from church with him.

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