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Happy Holidaze

on December 14, 2014

December started with our Ransom Made Design Christmas Event the first weekend of the month.
My mom came up with my sister and my sister’s mother in law. It was so nice of them.  After coming there, they stopped by to see me at Kohl’s because I had to work that night as well.

The first week of December was also our PTA’s holiday shop that we restarted this year after at least ten years without doing it.  In our September meeting two parents offered to head it up, so we tried it out.  The kids loved picking little things for their families at lunchtime.  We also had an evening with the marimbas playing and Santa with my friend Kristine Templeton taking photos.  I ended up helping every lunchtime because one of the chair people works in the lunchroom at the school and is busy during lunch.  It was good to be there anyway and Abby entertained herself with a dry erase board and markers.
After the event was done, Andy and I went out for a date to Fujiyama a Japanese restaurant where the cook right in front of you.  I take surveys and I can turn the points into restaurant.com certificates.  I chose one from Fujiyamas to try it out and we finally had a little time to do that.
Andy took a picture of his plate afterwards to send to a coworker to let him know he liked it too.  We ended up sitting next to a couple who we know through their family..
Elizabeth and Olivia had their Nutcracker pictures taken to start out Nutcracker week.
Olivia’s an Ice Fairy and Elizabeth’s Cavalry, like last year.  This is Elizabeth’s fifth year (angel-soldier-soldier-cavalry-cavalry) and Olivia’s third year (angel-mouse-ice fairy).
We set up the tree Sunday evening and got it all decorated knowing that we wouldn’t have time to take care of it until after the 16th if we waited because of Nutcracker.  The kids love to help.  I have plenty of little mittens and stocking ornaments that go at the bottom that are baby friendly.
Last year it was easier to adjust my work schedule to make this fit.  We aren’t able to request days off this time of year, so last year I just had to find someone for one shift, which was easy to do.  This year I thought about how to work around the schedule and asked if I could just switch to days during this week and then go back to my normal schedule after Nutcracker.  My mother in law said she could watch Abby for me while I worked which was super helpful.  I turned in the forms to do the switch and then they got mixed up somehow and I was still scheduled for nights (agh!), but I just gave my whole schedule to another lady who had been ready to turn in her two weeks notice, but changed her mind, which was lucky for me because she’s able to work in the same areas as I do.  Instead I was kind of ‘on call’ during the day after dropping off kids at school until it was time to go pick kids up.  I worked Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
Abby had a good time helping Grandma Shirley take ornaments off the tree that was set up for the Ransom Made Design event.  They moved it to the basement and redecorated it.  They went out to eat a few days and watched movies and played.  Abby loved going to play!
I helped backstage in the evenings with costumes at Nutcracker (and luckily had a friend who could watch Vincent and Abby in the space before Andy got home from work).  I helped sew on snaps, fix ribbons, and pretty much was the go-to sewer of the room.  They always had a little list of repairs to do as soon as I got in the room.  I love it.  I also helped get the dancers all set in their costumes when it was time to rehearse and for the show to go on. There are close to 150 dancers.
Saturday before I took the girls to get ready for the matinee my mom stopped by with ornaments that she and my dad made for the kids.
She also brought the girls Nutcracker presents.  Elizabeth got a nutcracker and Olivia got a fairy nutcracker.   They love them.
Olivia likes to do her own bun.  I just have to do the ponytail.
Andy and I like to go and watch the Saturday matinee performance.  My mom and our buddy Nathan joined us.
Notice the picture pins my mom and I are wearing?  I ordered one pin and three magnets and they sent one pin and two magnets so I called them to have them fix that and instead they sent two more pins.  I decided I didn’t care enough to call again… We all liked having the pins to wear.  I was almost crying with super pride when my girls were onstage dancing.  They did such a good job and the show is so nice to watch.
Nutcracker makes for a very busy week, but it is so worth it when I’m watching.  I kept thinking (and okay, totally whispering to my mom too!) anytime a dancer came on that I’d worked on their costume.  It’s such a fun connection to the performance.
Our girls survived the first four public performances and have two more Monday morning for area fifth graders, including a cousin and an aunt who get to come with their school.

One response to “Happy Holidaze

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Thanks for including me in this fun Christmas tradition. Nice of Shirley to watch Abby. I’m sure she had fun! The girls are growing up and I’m so happy they enjoyed the Nutcrackers.

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