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Merry Christmas

on December 28, 2014
We had a very Merry Christmas!  We slept in until almost 9am (mostly because Abby didn’t go to sleep until almost 11pm the night before after a midday nap and it didn’t make sense to wake her up and have a cranky kid all day.)  It was nice to sleep in a little (even though I still look exhausted!)
Obligatory hallway photo.  Andy’s family always had a picture of everyone but the dad in the hallway before the dad checked to see if Santa had come.  We can’t line up anymore though because Elizabeth’s too tall.
Santa brought them all a little something.  Elizabeth wanted the new Smash Brother’s WiiU game.  Olivia asked for a digital music player.  Vincent wanted the new Skylander WiiU game, but got some Lego Mixels instead (also something he wanted), and Abby requested a pink, sparkly bunny and got a fuzzy pink dog with a sparkly nose.
They started with the presents from each other in their sibling exchange.  Abby (sort of) picked this Erector set for Vincent.  He likes it.  (I say sort of because she was the last kid to take a turn to pick a gift at Kohls while the rest of the kids waited in the lunchroom and while she was picking, the assistant manager came over and told her she was missing out on chips and water that he’d given the other kids and then she didn’t want to pick, so I did.)
Elizabeth picked out some playdough toys for Abby for the sibling exchange.  Abby loved those!
Vincent picked a Barbie and Palace Pet for Olivia.
Olivia picked a duct tape bag kit for Elizabeth who likes to craft.
I found this World War II book for Andy (guess where?)  He loves reading about WWII and the pictures in this book are pretty great.  I also got him a new Sunday shirt and tie set, handkerchiefs, and Santa brought him a new Star Wars Lego set.
Andy and I picked up this Hot Wheel Dinosaur set for Vincent when Andy picked me up Thanksgiving night after work.
I ordered this mini waffle maker for me and then decided I shouldn’t buy gifts for myself and thought Elizabeth would enjoy it (and we would all reap the benefits too!)
I used some of the money from my grandma to buy this Clue game for our family.
This is something else Andy and I picked up on Thanksgiving night at Kohls.  Abby loves to color and draw and has been very busy using these supplies and not the walls.
Olivia was excited about the new doll clothes she got.
Santa brought me a big box of chocolates and two one hour massage gift certificates.  Andy gave me a new fuzzy jacket and slippers.
Abby coloring Christmas morning.
She likes to use every color.
Andy picked up this Paw Patrol game for Abby and played with her before we headed over to Kennewick.
We made a quick stop to see Grandma Zora.  She was eating lunch, but the kids sang Jingle Bells for her.
Grandma Shirley and Grandpa George found a Cabbage Patch that looks just like Abby.  She didn’t think she liked it at first, but was in love by the end of the day.
Abby picked a princess charm kit for Sami for the cousin exchange and Olivia helped her build a bracelet.
Vincent got this Lego creator kit that has three different things to build with the same set of blocks.  He really, really likes things like this.
When we got home from Kennewick, Olivia’s music player’s battery was charged and she spent the rest of the night (ignoring us) listening to old music.
Abby had a tea party with her new things.  All of her other toys fit in her art box and she had her new animals and doll to join her.
Vincent made this car from his Erector set.

I said in the previous blog that we celebrated with my side last Saturday.  My mom has a mini stocking for each grandkid with a special treat inside.  It’s always good to see siblings (and we get to see another one this week along with a new nephew/cousin!)
We spent Christmas Eve over in Kennewick having the Nativity Puppet Show and visiting with Andy’s sisters and parents.  Olivia played a song on her violin during the program.  The puppets are always a hit.
Andy especially likes the King Herod puppet he made.
On the 23rd one of my cousins got married and had his reception an hour away.  I did five overnights in a row leading up to Christmas (10pm-6am), so I asked my dad if he would drive me and the kids up to the reception so I could sleep in the car.  Andy had mutual that night and they were taking baskets to the widows in our ward.
One of my cousins took our picture eating our yummy snacks.
I had two more overnight shifts Friday and Saturday nights this week to do clearance pricing all over the store.  The overnights pay extra and we can always use that.  I’m back to my regular schedule this week though when we close at 10pm on normal nights and I’m looking forward to that.
The things matter much less to me than the time we are able to spend together this time of year.  I am looking forward to another week of together time and seeing the kids enjoying their gifts and sharing (maybe that’s optimistic that they’ll get along the whole time, but one can hope they do that more than argue!)

One response to “Merry Christmas

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    You had a great Christmas. I wasn’t sure if Grandma C included $$ in her card to her Grandchildren. Glad I got to deliver them. I hope you can catch up on some sleep in 2015.

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