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2014 End of Year Update

on January 1, 2015

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1. COUPLE-Two $10 Dollar Date Nights a month with Andy.
Andy and I went to his Christmas work dinner (my 15th with him!)  We also went out to eat at Costa Vida (our fallback place) and Fujiyama Japanese Restaurant (our new expensive favorite place-but cheaper with restaurant.com certificates).  We also had a few little shopping and errand dates.  It was a good month for dates.

2. SELF-IMPROVEMENT- Read 100 books.  Check out my list at Goodreads.  I finished 95 books this year (14 in December!)  I may not have made it all the way to my 100 book goal, but I am currently reading two more books and have a stack of several more ready to go.  I’m just going to call that a 95% which counts as an A.  Maybe not an A+, but that works for me, especially since I worked nearly 700 hours this year at Kohl’s!
(Complete book list and mini reviews at the bottom of this post.)

3. SELF-EDUCATION- Learn to use Sander Tool I asked for and got from Santa in 2012…. Check. Used it several months ago.  It doesn’t do what I needed it to do.  Need a bigger one to finish a job. Not worrying about this anymore, but eventually I will get those jobs done with a borrowed sander.

4. FAMILY- Read scriptures four times a week (several nights are busy with mutual and other activities).
We have adjusted this goal to learning the Articles of Faith as a family.  We take a new one each week and say it before prayers and meals.  We are still reciting the ones we already learned too and everyone seems to remember them.  We have gone over each Article of Faith we are still working on #13.  Elizabeth should be in pretty decent shape for graduating from Primary in February.  Andy and I read Preach My Gospel this year and are rereading The Book of Mormon.

Books read in December 2015:

Week One-
Book 82 for the year: The Master Quilter by Jennifer Chiaverini (Elm Creek Quilters #6)
While this book was less thrilling than the previous five books, I still enjoyed reading about this quilt group and their life events. It may also be that I’ve been so busy with life that I didn’t have much time to get into a book…

Week Two-
Book 83 for the year: The Princess and the Prom Queen by Jaclyn Weist
This was a free ebook. This is such a fun fairy tale book with a twist because the princess and a girl from modern times are switched. It’s a great book.

Book 84 for the year: Smile by Raina Telgemeier
This is a graphic novel that my daughter read so I decided to see why she liked them so much. It was a quick read and made me think about my braces and awkwardness in middle and high school. It was well written and helped us to feel of her struggle. I liked it.

Week Three-
Book 85 for the year: Sisters by Raina Telgemeier (Smile #2)
Read this after my daughter bought it at the Scholastic Book Fair at our school (after I read the first book she wrote first).
I liked the way she told the story with pictures (it’s a graphic novel) and all of the emotions that happen with sisters and finding out what really matters and how to work things out.

Book 86 for the year: I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have to Kill You by Ally Carter (Gallanger Girls #1)
What a fun book! So exciting and so much heart and the other books in the series are going to be read very soon! All about a private spy school for girls.

Book 87 for the year: One Chance by Heather B Moore
This was a free ebook novella. What a fun, short story! I loved the character development so much that it didn’t feel like a short novella at all. I could feel what they were feeling and yearning for them to figure out how to make their last ‘one chance’ work. If you need a book to read in a few hours, this one is perfect!

Book 88 for the year: Thursdays with the Crown (Castle Glower #3) by Jessica Day George
The third book in the series. Still fun. I wonder if there will be more!

Week Four-
Book 89 for the year: Space Taxi #1 Archie Takes Flight
This book was easy to read aloud (some are not!) and it kept my almost seven year old son thinking. Great book!

Book 90 for the year: The 13th Day of Christmas by Jason F Wright
Beautiful and touching book about the bond between two neighbors, one young and one old. Sweet book AND I finished it on the 13th day of Christmas. =)

Book 91 for the year: Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy (Gallanger Girls #2) by Ally Carter
I am really enjoying these spy school for girls books! They make my pulse race and I can’t really guess what’s coming (and even if I do, I’m usually wrong), which makes them super fun to read. I’m glad there are four more!

Week Five-
Book 92 for the year: Firefighter Under the Mistletoe by Melissa McClone
Won this book in a giveaway! Fun little romantic book. It started with a lady firefighter rescuing a fellow firefighter from a mountain in the snow where he was stuck and built from there and was so good.
There’s kissing, but nothing overly inappropriate, which I appreciate.

Book 93 for the year: The Big Wave by Pearl S Buck
Simple book, but powerful messages. I wrote a report about Pearl S Buck in 9th grade and have been meaning to try out another of her books for quite a long time. There were so many snippets of quotes in this book that I need to highlight or write down somewhere.

Book 94 for the year: A Little Bit of Holiday Magic by Melissa McClone
Another giveaway book. =) Great storyline. Good characters. Just a little over-the-top suggestive with innuendos for my taste.

Book 95 for the year: Stranded with the Tycoon by Sophie Pembroke
Second book combined with previous book. Interesting storyline, but more romantic scenes than I prefer. Still liked the book.

Currently reading: Space Taxi Water Planet Rescue and Miracles on Maple Hill and then I get to read the remaining four book in the Gallanger Girl series.

My goal for 2015 is going to be more manageable, but I won’t quit reading because there are always so many books I want to read!


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