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Abby’s Adorable (biased opinion)

on January 24, 2015

This first picture is NOT adorable, but if you look at it with the imagination of a kid, it kind of is.  I’ll tell you why.  Abby thinks this guy is eating a bug, so she always (always!) picks one of these up when we go to the dentist and says, “Yuck, he’s eating a bug!” and then brings a copy of the little anti-chewing pamphlet home.


It IS totally YUCK, but not quite for the reason she thinks.

I took all the kids to the dentist Tuesday afternoon since it was an end of semester no school day (which made a four day weekend!)  No cavities for the girls and one for Vincent plus he needs a spacer put in where he had a tooth pulled last year.  Poor kid has a terrible (genetic-from me) mouth for cavities… At least when they figured out the insurance stuff our part is just $50.

Abby had some friends over Friday for lunch and playing to celebrate her fourth birthday (actual day is Sunday).  I went shopping Thursday night to get all ready for that and couldn’t pass up this cute ice cream sundae shirt for her.  She made the rainbow necklace with her friends for a craft at the little party.

She liked these cute little ponies a friend brought.
This hat is adorable on her and fits perfectly.
She was beyond excited about this book that was wrapped up attached to this bigger gift from another friend.  Her friend’s mom said she should have just got her a few more books.  We love books!  This one is a Pinkalicious book (and we don’t have it!)
The kids had cut up apples, crinkle cut carrot sticks, and chicken nuggets for lunch and rice crispies with sprinkles in them for the treat.  One of her friends is totally gluten free and breaks out with any cross-contamination so her mom brought over some rice crispies she can eat (some are not totally gluten free) and sent some chicken nuggets with her.  Everything else worked and this way they all had the same food to eat.  They danced and had balloons to play with, made necklaces, and I sent them each home with a little coloring book and some mini washable markers.
It was fun and simple, which is perfect for kids this age.
Happy birthday, Abby!
My Baby Valentine

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