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2015 Goals-January Progress

on February 2, 2015
I already posted this, but after a review of my goals, I’ll update with how I’m doing.
1. Fill Your Mind With Truth- Read good books that edify, uplift, and encourage.
2. Fill Your Life With Service- Fulfill callings and obey promptings to serve.
3. Fill Your Heart With Love- Be kind to everyone and do not assume.
These kind of goals are some I think I can handle.  I’m not focusing on a certain number of books or amount of times to serve others, but I DO want to do the right things and be happy and know I can do those things by choosing the right. =)
1. I wasn’t going to worry about the number of books or anything this year, but then we had sick kids for the first few weeks of the year and I had some extra time on my hands, so I filled those hands with books.  I read 13 books in January! That’s like a record for me, so even when I set a high goal last year to read 100 all year and missed by 5, now I’m hitting it out of the park, but I’d rather have a healthy family and less books.  It was nice to cancel everything though! If you are interested in which books I read and reviews about them, go to Goodreads here.
2. In my callings for January I made our ward newsletter a week late (with the holidays and sickness, it made more sense to just relax on the first Sunday of the year…)  We had a baby born in our ward and some meals to arrange as well as a funeral we helped with (I made baked potatoes and my assistant picked them up while I went to work-actually Elizabeth and Olivia made the potatoes while Andy and I were on a date. =)) and a surgery the end of the month too.  I subbed in Vincent’s (7 boy) primary class February 1st too.  We read a picture book Andy’s aunt and uncle gave us for our wedding about the First Vision and then discussed each page and answered any questions they had too.  It was better than it could have been, since Vincent was the only one misbehaving…
3. Here’s the trouble I have with #3: Sometimes your heart is filled with love towards someone’s children while you are kind of mad at them for making what seems like bad decisions.  Totally need help with the not judging part.  I am a work in progress.  I have been doing better at my prayers this month though which has been hard for me in the past.

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