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Vincent’s SEVEN!

on February 2, 2015
We took cookies and juice to Vincent’s class Friday afternoon and showed up just in time to take a picture of his class all decked out with Seahawk 12th man hats they made (they had strips of paper with all the math problems that add up to 12 on the ends of the hat).  His teacher and student teacher were all dressed up head to toe Seahawks too, so I got there in time to get them in the picture.  Vincent’s friends sang Happy Birthday to him and they all liked the snickerdoodles.  I would have made cupcakes, but they had cupcakes the day before with another birthday, so I figured cookies would be nice to change it up and less messy!
Friday night Elizabeth helped decorate Vincent’s cake with little Pikmin characters.  The green frosting is green apple jolly rancher gelatin flavor.  I used this recipe.
Finished cake design.
What the Pikmin characters really look like:
We had our regular game night Friday night.  We played Seven Wonders and Clue.  Gary and Mary came.
Saturday was a crazy, busy day.  In the morning, a cousin on Andy’s side was baptized followed with muffins at their house, then we came home and had Vincent’s party, followed with a cousin on my side’s birthday party.  We got home at 5pm and then I slept until I had to go to work overnight (10pm-7am).  Luckily, our church isn’t until 1pm this year!
A little picture with Vincent and some of his friends.  Such sweet kids.  One of them told me while they were eating their cake that when he has his birthday party, it’s going to be at Vincent’s house.  (HA!)  I guess he liked the party!
Elizabeth and Olivia were the masterminds of the entertainment and games.  They did such a great job keeping the boys active and happy.
This boy had a good time too.  My mom stopped by just before the party and brought Vincent this cool shirt like my dad’s work shirts, which he put on immediately.
It was funny to watch them watching Vincent opening his gifts.  They surrounded him and then two of them started tickling his feet.  Hilarious.
They even took his socks off. -)
Easiest party ever.  All I did was made a cake and some frosting and the girls took care of everything else.  Andy ended up taking Abby on a few errands because she was wrecking everything, but my mom stayed to visit the first part of the party and another friend stayed with her son, so I pretty much just visited the whole time and took a few pictures.
Vincent fell asleep in the car on the way to the final birthday party of the day.  When Andy helped him out of the car, he kind of collapsed on the grass.  I guess he’s a little tired…
Andy’s mom posted this picture of her and Vincent from the previous Sunday.
Whew!  Where did the weekend go?

One response to “Vincent’s SEVEN!

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Glad I could squeeze a short visit into your busy day! Vincent made my day when he put the shirt on. Grandpa Paul loves the Pic I took too. Busy fun to the end of the week-end. Naps in order today, you deserve it.

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