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Elizabeth’s 12 years old!

on February 6, 2015
How can it be that Elizabeth’s 12 already?  Wasn’t she just barely this little?
(Dress made by Grandma Shirley using leftover fabric from an aunt’s formal dress.)
I loved this coat and hat and was so very glad Abby was able to wear it too! (Olivia doesn’t have any pictures in it, but I think she wore it as well.)
Also made by Grandma Shirley.
When I look at this picture I think of how long it’s been since I straightened my hair.  This girl was so picky that day she didn’t even want to be in our family picture and in the big family picture, she only wanted Grandma to hold her.
She is a great big sister.  She and Olivia are best friends.
When we drove to Yellowstone, she drew a lot.  She loves to draw.  This is a moose.
One of the cutest angels I’ve ever seen.
A not so cute makeover, but she’d make a terrific clown. =)  She’s so much fun and has such enthusiasm for all that she does.
Elizabeth loves to run (and wear out the knees on all of her jeans!)
In third grade the reading bug really hit her hard and it hasn’t let up.  She is regularly reading right through one large series and then into another.  She read the whole Harry Potter series this past summer THREE times (and other books!)
Elizabeth loves it when her siblings come to school so she can show them off to her friends.
She’s usually up for a challenge.  I took her hiking with me this day.  She’s good to go as long as I feed her.
Elizabeth helps out with house chores a lot.  She makes dinners, cleans, and babysits for us.
Best sisters at Disneyland February 2014.
I was so glad I could go up to her fifth grade camp with her last spring.  She’s a great girl.
She’s so artistic.  She decided to make these felt finger puppets, drew them out, and then just did it.  She’s awesome at creating.
She donated her hair for the third time last year.
She’s always wanting to help younger kids learn new things (showing Abby how to swim).
This picture is from several years ago (when Brave came out), but her hair is wildly vibrant red.  When we went to Disneyland last year, several people called her Brave.
This girl is growing up and becoming a nice, mature little young lady.
Actually, she’s not even so little anymore.  She’s only two inches shorter than me now and her feet are a size bigger (at least last I checked!)

One response to “Elizabeth’s 12 years old!

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Getting so tall and wearing your dress from High school. Enjoy the years from now til she is in College, they go way too fast!

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