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on February 8, 2015

I wrote this up last week…before Valentine’s Day.

Sunday was Elizabeth’s first week in Young Women’s. She isn’t even in a Primary Sunday School class anymore because she’s the only girl (active) in her year in our ward, so she gets to move up with the two girls who are in her grade and just a few months older than her.  One of those friends came over with her mom, who is Elizabeth’s new Beehive leader, to decorate our front window before church Sunday afternoon.  Elizabeth was surprised and excited to see it.

I picked some pictures and had them printed and then had Elizabeth arrange them on a poster board to introduce her in Young Women’s Sunday.
Here’s mostly what I said about her:
-I was in labor with Elizabeth during my baby shower the MiaMaids had for me on my due date and had her the next afternoon.
-She has only lived in three homes-all in Cottonwood Ward.
-Her hair wasn’t really red until she was four months old. (Before that she had dark brown baby hair.)
-She loves being a big sister.
-She started watching Star Wars with her dad when she was 18 months old and still loves it.
-She loves to draw, read, and sew.
-People at Disneyland called her “Brave” from the Disney movie when we visited there last year.
-She loves to run and tease (and wrestle).
-She makes dinner sometimes and does a great job.
-Elizabeth is creative at getting kids to listen and obey, but has kind of a temper sometimes.
-Her favorite foods are pizza or rice with cheese and any kind of candy.
-She read through the whole Harry Potter series last summer THREE times!
Then I told them how excited I was for her to join Young Women’s and hoped she enjoyed it like I did.
Andy had Olivia and Vincent Friday night up at the mountain and took them the long way home Saturday.  Andy says: Olivia and Vincent at ‘the turnaround’, on the north side of the Columbia River near The Dalles Dam.   My grandpa would say, “lets drive over to the turnaround.”  We’d get in his car, go across the bridge from Oregon the Washington, then we’d come back.  Usually we didn’t get out of the car.  Once or twice, grandpa took me over to the lock, which is nearby, and watch a barge go through.  You can’t drive over there anymore due to security concerns.
Olivia goes to ward choir with Andy on Sunday mornings.
She’s getting really good at French braiding her hair.
Sunday night as we started making pancakes for dinner, the store manager at Kohl’s called to see if I could come in to cover customer service because the pregnant lady who was scheduled wrecked her car on the way in.  Since there aren’t many people trained back there, I went in to cover it.  When I answered the phone and the assistant manager was calling, he kind of yelled at me for working on a Sunday.  People expect certain things of us, don’t they?  He’s the same one who was surprised several weeks ago when I told him I hadn’t ever drank or been in a club before and said I must think he’s a heathen…

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