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Celebrate good times-done.

on February 17, 2015
One last birthday cake!  On Monday night Andy took Elizabeth, Olivia, and Vincent over to his uncle’s house to celebrate his cousin’s birthday and Elizabeth’s. They were born a day apart.  (Abby and I laid low that day because she threw up Sunday night-only once-I think it’s because she eats crayons…)
Vincent won’t wear his hat a regular way sometimes, especially when people try to ‘fix’ it for him.
Elizabeth came home from school one day last week and wanted to clean up the garden.  She has big plans for it this spring and summer and wants to take it over.  Sounds good to me!
I won a fun prize from Ostler Orthodontics (where Elizabeth goes for braces).  The prize was this humongous teddy bear and a giant box of chocolates. (I look exhausted in this picture…I kind of was.)

Abby claimed the teddy bear for herself, which I thought was just fine since the other kids all had fun Valentine stuff to do at school.  Too bad she drew on the bear’s mouth and then it became Olivia’s (one night while I was working…)
Have I mentioned that she draws on things? Just in case I haven’t, here’s a little more… I think she has chest hair on herself.
And her buddy kind of took a beating with the markers.  Luckily, they were all washable!  His mom (also luckily) thought it was hilarious on a day she really needed a laugh (but he was clean before she picked him up!)
Friday morning was Morning with Mom that the PTA puts on each year for students to bring their mom or grandma to eat a donut before school.  Someone else in our PTA is in charge of it and we went to pick up donuts together last month for Donuts for Dads, but this month her husband was out of town and she had to get kids to school, so I took Elizabeth with me to buy 50 dozen donuts, 6 gallons of milk, 9 gallons of apple juice, and 7 gallons of orange juice, along with some napkins and cups.  I dropped her off at school on my way to help set up before the elementary school started and met a group there all ready to help set up, along with a lady who offered to ask for coffee donations from area coffee shops and got one to donate two containers of coffee, which was cool (or hot) for an addition.  Too bad everyone loves donuts in the morning so much that we ran out…. I think we lasted pretty long though since it starts at 8am and goes until 8:30am.  One mother in particular was really upset with us that when she showed up at 8:25am we were out of donuts (and coffee).  We explained that in the past 50 dozen donuts have been plenty, but she just wanted to be mad at us.  She was incredibly rude (and stayed while we were trying to clean up for about 15 minutes whining about not getting a free donut) and I’m glad her kid is moving to middle school next year…. Brat.
The Reflections Awards were presented to the kids in our school finally.  Normally that happens before the city one, but it just didn’t work out this year that way.
Olivia and Vincent both turned in choreography dances and placed. They got fun plaques and certificates along with a cougar pin.
I went home all upset (from the bratty lady complaining-if you are on Facebook you already know all about it).  I finally showered and went back to the school for Vincent and Olivia’s Valentine’s Day parties in their classes.
I spotted this self portrait that I didn’t remember seeing before in Vincent’s classroom.  I think they made them at the beginning of the year.  I love it!
His class made fun monster bags to hold their treasures and they had an alphabetical class list to tape the paper valentines into.
He wrote all about his monster on the other side of the bag.
We had a fun game night Friday night and Andy brought me pretty roses.
I worked pretty much all day Saturday (I covered someone else’s shift after mine), but Andy and I went out to eat in the middle (fancy-Arby’s).  It might not be the most exquisite celebration ever, but we did celebrate a little, and you know, we *kind of* like each other the rest of the year too, so I think we are good.
It was super nice to have a day off from school Monday.  The kids played and played all day, mostly outside where it’s nearly spring, and were dirty and tired and hungry.  Perfect day.  And I got to sleep in until 10am. Bonus.  I also mopped, vacuumed, did the laundry and dishes, made lasagna and cookies, and went to work.  Busy, but great day!

One response to “Celebrate good times-done.

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    We went out to Arby’s Friday NIght. Nothing fancy. Glad Christopher and Elizabeth could Celebrate together. Time to rid your house of Markers, it looks like. Sleeping in sounds good.

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