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Fired Up

on February 26, 2015
We went to Fujiyamas to celebrate my parent’s birthdays that were a month apart in January and February with two of my siblings and their spouses.  I love the dinner and show they put on.  It’s so much fun and I like the food so much!
My sister took this picture of Andy and I after the dinner.
And the birthday ‘kids’. Love these two!  (The crutch is my brother’s because he had knee surgery).
I went with Olivia’s school choir to a practice at our local high school where they practiced how to do the concert later that night.  She ended up right behind the piano.
I took her picture on the way out to the bus.  She’s loving choir (and everything else she’s involved in.)
That afternoon she presented her Science Extravaganza project with her group in her classroom.  Her teacher had their class do the whole project in the classroom instead of sending them home to work on them, which was awesome!  The students could then follow the correct scientific steps and the teacher would know that the students did the work, not the parents.
This is the four elementary choirs who joined together to sing two songs, plus one more combined with middle school and high school choirs.  They used to do the whole district in one huge concert, but they split it into two now since it’s way too big and there’s so many parents who want to watch it.
It was pretty much the best concert ever because it started a few minutes EARLY and was done in a half hour.  It was awesome.
Abby likes her new dress from Grandma Mary for her birthday.
When we helped with class picture day they offered a free portrait package to the helpers, so I had Abby’s picture taken.  She hadn’t had one since she turned two (we pretty much skipped three years old since she cut her hair and it looked awful…)  She’s grown up just a little bit…
New picture is the one with the waterfall in the background.
There’s always so much going on around here.  Our calendar is full, but we are having fun (mostly.)

One response to “Fired Up

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Thanks for getting us together to Celebrate! It was fun. The food wasn’t that great to me. I know I’m PICKY! YEA for 2nd chances Birthday gifts!!! Sorry I haven’t made it up to hear any of the Concerts. My calendar is FULL too.

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