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Dr Suess

on March 2, 2015
Friday was a Dr. Suess spirit day at the elementary school.  I don’t usually go all out for these since we don’t have a fun hat or anything, but Friday morning, like an hour before school, Olivia and Vincent decided they wanted to dress up.  Vincent’s a YOP who hops from finger-top to finger-top (Andy helped him before taking Elizabeth to school).  Olivia dressed up as Cat in the Hat’s sister.
We made a cute tiny Dr. Suess hat from some felt and scotch tape onto a headband.
This kid was super excited about his scraps of costume.
Sunday night we had cake for a few March birthdays on the Ransom side.  Andy’s birthday is in a week.
Two girls from our house didn’t get treats Sunday night because they didn’t eat their dinner, but ate it after we got home so they had a treat then.  One of those girls was Abby who did her best trying to get someone to give her a treat anyway.
Olivia had the family history moment at church and asked Grandma Shirley for a story last Sunday about how Andy started to walk.
One Sunday at church Andy suddenly just walked across the foyer at 8 1/2 months!  Seeing Andy walk, Shirley said, “My baby can walk!”  She didn’t know he could until then so she watched him the next day when she put him in the walker and saw him lift the walker up and run down the hallway of their apartment building to watch a bridge being built in Portland.
It was the Fremont Bridge, pictured below.

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