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March Birthday Time

on March 10, 2015

Yeah, it hasn’t been a very long break from birthdays at our house… Andy’s parents both have birthdays the beginning of March and then his is the 9th, so that keeps us busy!

I was able to go to Olive Garden for lunch last week with Andy’s mom and sisters and Grandma Ellen on Shirley’s birthday.  Yum.  I love Olive Garden!  (And I got to rest a little because I arranged for Abby to be elsewhere.)

Andy’s parents stopped by Sunday night to bring him a little birthday something.  Andy’s mom likes to get pictures with the birthday ‘kid’.

Monday was Andy’s 42nd birthday.  He shares his birthday with his youngest cousin, Brent, who turned ten this year.  Brent’s parents invited us over for dinner to celebrate.  I made the cake.  George and Shirley brought some chips over.

Birthday boys (and kind of glasses twins!)

Andy let Brent blow out the candles.  (Do my kids look dirty?  They should.  They found some dirt and everyone was pretty much covered with a dirt cloud.)

Last week Abby and I went to do the playground balls at the middle school at lunch, like we normally do along with our picnic lunch.  Abby likes to get right in the middle of games kids (especially boys) are playing, like four square or wall ball.  It’s a little more than frustrating to me since I know they like to really get into their games and play pretty hard, but they, for the most part, tolerate her very well and are very nice to their little interrupter.  I guess it’s a good thing she’s cute!

I went to parent/teacher conferences for Olivia and Vincent today.  I really enjoy their teachers this year!  They are both doing great and their teachers like them.  Vincent’s reading past the next grade’s end-of-year goal, so I think he’ll be alright.  He thinks all the math in his homework is too easy and it kind of frustrates him because it’s redundant (he didn’t use that word.)  One paper he had a few weeks ago had 8+3, 4+8, 8+0, and then 3+8.  He was like, “I already did that one! It’s so easy!”  I guess I’d rather it’s too easy than too hard for the frustrating stuff.

I took a picture of one of Olivia’s writing pieces along with her watercolor.  It’s about Sacajawea’s decision to stay with Lewis and Clark and after they read about that, the students were supposed to write about whether they thought it was a good idea or not for her to stay.

In other news, I was reelected to be the PTA President at the elementary school for the next school year. (You can only do two years in the same position, so it’s kind of expected that you do two years—and it’s not contested either).

Olivia, Elizabeth, and I went and watched a middle school production of Fiddler on the Roof last week that was really fun.  My kids haven’t even seen it, so they were surprised the whole time.  Several kids in our ward were in it and that made it more fun.

Vincent missed a few days at school the end of last week because he had a sinus infection.  I took him to the doctor after a night of him having really shallow and rapid breaths because it made me nervous.  We don’t normally take kids to the doctor just for little colds and flu, since that costs a bunch on our lousy insurance, but when it’s needed, it’s needed, and most of the time, when I take them in sick, it really was something, so I guess my instincts are decent that way.  He’s feeling much better now, but we are going to check on asthma kind of symptoms since my dad has asthma and Vincent had bronchiolitis when he was 2 years old, which the doctor said makes it more likely to have asthma symptoms later, so we’ll keep an eye (and ear) on him after he’s all better from this icky cold.

One response to “March Birthday Time

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Looks like Andy’s parents had a great birthday. Glad Andy could share his cake with a cousin!
    KORD didn’t listen to their messages again this week. I tried to WIN Andy a Cake.
    Your maternal Grandma had Asthma too. Don’t blame it all on your dad. Congrats on ‘winning’ again. Lots of hard PTA work ahead.

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