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PTA Convention + busy every night…

on April 24, 2015
Last Friday I was able to attend the Washington State PTA Convention in Bellevue with a group of other PTA leaders from Richland (along with hundreds from the other areas of the state.)  When we went out for lunch one day, we snapped a picture.
This is our new treasurer who wanted to learn all about everything this weekend.  We had a silly picture by the waterfall background at Leo’s Photography booth.
The Washington State Teacher of the Year gave a great speech about how he encourages his students.  I liked this picture he shared.  I also liked that he got his guitar out and played “This Land is My Land” like my third grade teacher used to and had us all sing along.
I decided to go as a volunteer this year so we’d have less fees for PTA.  I’ve been several times and didn’t feel like I ‘needed’ all of the classes.  I wanted to go to some though.  I ended up being assigned a spot in the hotel to direct other attendees where they were headed for three hours each on Friday and Saturday and an hour and a half on Sunday and just had a class Friday and Sunday.  There are several general sessions where everyone is in one big ballroom and that’s most of the reason why I went, so I could vote on changes.
At one of our rare trips out of the hotel, we went to the pub across the street that my secretary and I enjoyed the year before.  I had to get a rootbeer.
Monday Abby and I were busy with playground balls at the middle school and then me helping at the book fair and errands and the to-do list.  I worked that evening too.
Tuesday morning I went on a field trip to the high school (like 2 miles away) with Olivia’s strings group so they could rehearse for the performance Tuesday night. When I got back, I took Abby home from my friend’s house for lunch and then took her back so I could help in Vincent’s class.  Area elementary schools performed three songs together.
Olivia is a very serious violinist.
Once the middle and high schoolers joined the gym floor it was crowded, but awesome.  They all did a great job.
Wednesday I babysat all day (and my parents ran some errands for me, buying ribbon and delivering jars for teacher appreciation in a few weeks) and then we had the Court of Honor at the church with Andy’s scouts along with the other scouts.  Andy was in charge of the activity and had the kids divide into two teams to make stretchers and then carry a ‘hurt’ person around the gym.
Thursday night we went to the elementary school for the pavilion ribbon cutting (where I gave a speech and got that thing finished up!)  Pictures will come later since I was in charge and didn’t take any of my own.
The Scholastic Book Fair was happening that night as well as some music performances.  The theme this time was “under the sea”.
Abby as an octopus.
Vincent as an octopus.

Elizabeth’s mutual group came in and helped paint faces and run the fishing pond during the book fair.
She guesses that she painted ten kid’s faces.
Olivia went to another girl to have her face painted.
I asked our Leo’s photography company to make some plaques for the businesses who donated so much to make this pavilion happen.  I delivered this one Friday since they weren’t able to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony.
Olivia’s teacher emailed this morning and said she forgot to tell me earlier that Olivia was winning the Safety award at the C.A.R.E.S. assembly today.  Luckily, I had planned on stopping in about then anyway before grocery shopping.
More pictures to come of the fancy pavilion party! =)
Tonight is a Daddy Daughter dance.
And tomorrow is full with a bunch of activities while I go to work.

One response to “PTA Convention + busy every night…

  1. We were happy to help. Even if it was just a little bit. Sorry we can’t make it to all the EVENTS on week-nights. What material did they make the Plaques out of? I’m proud of your service to your PTA!

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