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Clot Trot 2015

on May 3, 2015
First though, a picture of these three before the Daddy Daughter dance last weekend. Andy was able to take two dates.  They had a fun time.  Elizabeth was out babysitting a friend’s kids and missed it.
Last Saturday was so busy.  Well, Andy was busy taking kids around to parties… I was at work all day. Here’s what the schedule looked like:
12:30pm-Elizabeth was picked up to go to play with a second cousin of mine who’s her age for the rest of the day.
3pm-Olivia went to a ballet friend’s birthday party for 6 1/2 hours (trampoline park and then back to her house to BBQ and play-luckily they only had three guests!)
5pm-Vincent went to a birthday party for a girl in his class. He came home with a fun dog face.
Also 5pm-Andy took Abby with him to a wedding reception.
6pm-Andy picked up Elizabeth.
7pm-Vincent was picked up from the party.
9:30pm-Olivia was picked up from her party.
Then bathes and bed for all of them.  He also took some of them to a pet store to look around and to a park.  Fun day!
Meanwhile, I came home from work about 11:45.
Tuesday was the CLOT TROT!  It was the 8th annual one.  Andy shows in this group starting shot.  He’s the third guy to the right from the tree (wearing glasses and he has his collared shirt underneath).
The big boat was at the park.  Abby and Vincent thought it was cool.
Abby wanted a picture next to the big fish at the park after we got our shirts and waited for Andy.
Olivia climbed the big rock.
And made it to the top!
Andy and I walked the mile with Vincent and Abby while Elizabeth and Olivia did the 5K with some friends of ours.
Abby and I waited along the path for the big girls to finish up.
We waited for a long time.  They were almost the last finishers.
They were tired.
Our family shot at the Clot Trot!
Andy’s boss’s son has Hemophilia and started this Clot Trot eight years ago to raise awareness about this blood disorder.  There’s his boss up there on his old fire truck announcing winners.
Andy and I drove this fire truck in a parade once when I was pregnant with Elizabeth.  We were in front of the cheer girls doing the “Oh Mickey you’re so fine…” song and chant. I kept pushing the fire horn button whenever I didn’t want to hear them anymore.

One response to “Clot Trot 2015

  1. That is a Cool Cruise ship, not a boat. Boats are what Submarines are called. I learned that from a Navy Cousin of yours. Glad that Andy got to have some fun along with all the running around he did last week. You are always BUSY!

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