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on May 27, 2015
Olivia had her final choir and strings concert last week.
She has decided to focus on violin and stop doing ballet after her ballet and tap recital coming up.  She’s going to take private lessons over the summer with a lady in our ward and a little piano too.  We’ll see if she decides to stick with that decision in the fall.
Elizabeth had her final band concert that night as well.  Andy took Vincent to that concert and I took Abby to Olivia’s.  He got the better end of the deal for sure.  The middle school concert played fun movie theme songs and had ice cream to buy afterwards.  Abby had to go potty as soon as Olivia’s group played one song and I ran her to the bathroom only to have her pee onto her skirt and the floor standing in front of the toilet.  I told her to stay put and hurried out to the car for the extra pants (and told a friend on my way out to catch her if she came out without pants….)  Truthfully, she’s hardly had any accidents at all since she’s been officially potty-trained (only since Spring Break in April.)  She just gets distracted and doesn’t hurry to go sometimes.
Last Thursday we didn’t have school because our local teacher unions voted to walk out that day to protest the legislature’s failure to provide for the students in our state. The legislature was actually sued to provide and the supreme court is forcing them to do what our state constitution proclaims is important, but they are still fighting it and not doing everything they should.  We took the day off to take a little road trip to Walla Walla to visit my mom.  It was great to see her.  We haven’t visited that direction for a little while because it’s hard to arrange with my work schedule and our late church schedule plus mutual and school and very rare nights when nothing in going on and we just want to be together as a family.  Elizabeth and Olivia wanted to take some flower pictures there and got some great ones.  This one is my favorite.
We visited for a bit before going over to Applebees for lunch and to see my sister, who’s working there as a server.  Then we came back to mom’s and the kids helped her make rice crispy treats with m&ms.
Those rice crispies were delicious.  Thanks for letting us visit mom!
I worked soon after we got home (and the night before) and then worked most of the day Saturday, had church Sunday, and then had Monday off work and the kids had the day off with Memorial Day, so we headed up to the mountains to visit with Andy’s siblings and parents.  The kids always have a good time together and do a really good job watching and entertaining each other.
Shirley wanted a grown up picture too.  The newest baby is in the grown up picture because she’s barely a month old and still tiny, but so cute!  Our lunch was delicious and the dessert was fabulous.  Even the veggie tray I brought was nearly cleared with all of the munchy kids (and adults).
Tuesday was busy.  Abby and I had haircuts and picked up some craft supplies for Girl’s Camp from the Stake YW President (she’s our hair dresser in town.)  We went to the library and I helped in Vincent’s class while Abby played with a friend.  She always says she didn’t have ‘enough’ fun when I come pick her up because she wants to stay and have more fun.  I dropped the kids off at home for Elizabeth to babysit while I hurried over to Pasco for a Kohl’s Associates in Action event because they needed 15 associates for this once a year green grant event that was at the Boys and Girls Club this year.  We weeded behind their building and then helped some of the kids with a ocean cleaning project to learn about keeping our trash where it belongs. Fun kids.  I was only there about an hour before it was time to run home and get Olivia to ballet (since she skipped her class Monday to be with family) and then I headed to work.  After work I went grocery shopping too.  Jam packed day!  (I’ll add pictures here later.)
Wednesday Olivia’s grade had a field trip to Fort Walla Walla and Whitman Mission.  A friend watched Abby for me so I could go and help.
The kids liked this horse at Fort Walla Walla.
I thought this farming (early) combine machine was super interesting. A man in his 90’s told us about how he used to sit in that seat that hangs out over the horses.  Scary.
Another building had these selections of barbed wire.  I had no idea there were so many kinds and that each one is patented.
Walla Walla used to have the prision for the territory so the kids were able to go inside and look at it.  The real cell doors were the ones behind Olivia.  She looks super happy to be in jail, right?
Our 85 year old tour guide told us about this tree that is estimated to have started in the year 1200!  It was cut down in 1970 and this part was donated to Fort Walla Walla museum.
Old watering trough in front of the doctor’s office.
Had to take some railroad pictures for Andy.
We saw a real blacksmith and the kids asked a few questions.
I always like seeing flags, especially with beautiful, clear sky behind them.
This little log house was actually a boy’s club house that they built.  All of these buildings were relocated to this museum.
My mom joined us for part of the tour and lunch since she lives close.  It was good to visit with her again.
Inside Fort Walla Walla’s museum they had all kinds of things, but the row of old flags adding stars as states became states was my favorite.  This 38 star flag took up an entire wall, probably 20 feet long.  I don’t remember ever seeing a flag with stars like this.
Who wants to sit in the jump seat of the stage coach???  Anyone?  Actually, I think only Abby would be able to fit on that seat and there’s no way I’d ever let her sit there…
We headed over to Whitman Mission after lunch and divided up into the Oregon Trail “families” their teacher assigned.  They learned about their families over the last few weeks and they are each a member of that specific family.  They will continue that on Friday when we do the neighborhood walking Oregon Trail.  This is Olivia’s “family”.
Olivia’s class by a wagon along the REAL Oregon Trail.
I have liked teepees since third grade when my teacher played his guitar in his teepee at field day, maybe sooner because I think he did it every spring, but it was more personal when I was actually in his class.  Had to have a picture of Olivia by the teepee.
We didn’t actually get to walk up to the top of the hill because there were a lot of nasty looking clouds there and the teacher didn’t want to get stuck at the top with a whole class of kids in the rain and lightening and thunder.  (I didn’t mind skipping that part of the hike…)
This is the Oregon Trail map that the Whitman’s took.
While we waited for the other classes to finish up, Olivia’s class reviewed the questions they had listed and needed to answer.  She also read a chapter of a book about the Oregon Trail after lunch while we waited for one of the classes to catch up. I love watching kids sitting around their teacher playing attention. It’s one of my favorite things.
I had a little nap on the way home on the bus.  It was super nice with the bus windows down a little and the kid talking sounds… I’m not kidding, it was a super nice nap!  I was tired. Stay tuned for the next step of their Oregon Trail experiences to wrap up their studying about Washington State history for this year.

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