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End of MAY

on June 8, 2015
Olivia invited several classmates over for a Writing Group.  She had them all come with ideas of stories to write and gave them prompts of things they should write before the next meeting.  She wants them to meet over the summer.  They played too. =)
The fourth grade went on the Oregon Trail the end of May.  It was really a walk around the neighborhood with 15 stops at places pioneers stopped at along the way with questions at each stop that would determine their fate.
As we headed out we said goodbye to Vincent who was at recess.
Olivia had a few turns shaking the cream to make butter (to put on the hard tack I made for her class snack at the end.)
She bought that bonnet at Fort Walla Walla.  They had a stop at Independence Rock where they signed their names.  Her name in her ‘family’ was Alice Wolf.
Everyone in the family took turns. One to pull the wagon, one to churn the butter, one to hold the flour baby, and another to watch the water in the wagon to make sure it didn’t spill too much and to hold the envelope.
Their family made a poor choice and had to carry the wagon for a few blocks in the heat…
Being a pioneer is exhausting.
Almost to Oregon City!!! It’s just around the corner!  Then they had jelly sandwiches and carrots and an apple to eat with the hardtack.
Andy headed out the last Saturday in May with the kids to go on some ferry boats up North in our State while I went to work all day (and then I met Andy at the Temple that night for a session).
Here is the ferry coming in just as they got there.
They drove the car right onto the ferry (it’s free!) and then watched out the windows to see the river.
As they got to the second ferry it was just getting ready to head out too, which is very lucky.
This ferry was bigger and the kids could get out, but Vincent wasn’t cooperating and had to go back to the car.
The kids and Andy had a good time.
Elizabeth had the camera the rest of the trip and they were behind this truck for quite a long time…
I’ll have to let Andy tell you more about location and all the other fun stuff about the ferry boats.

One response to “End of MAY

  1. How fun for Andy to take the kids for an outing! Glad I got to join the Field Trip to Ft Walla Walla.

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