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Girl’s Camp 2015 Live Like You Believe

on July 1, 2015
I was able to go to Girl’s Camp this summer to help with Crafts with the Stake.  It was Elizabeth’s first year and I’m glad I was able to go.  I made sure to get a picture on the first day we had clean shirts.
The Stake and Youth leaders went up Tuesday to prepare everything for the week.  I was with two other ladies doing crafts and we had to run into town a half hour away to pick up a few things that were missing during part of the day after we were all set up. Tuesday Elizabeth and Olivia babysat while Andy went to work.  A kind aunt checked in on them and took them to a park for a picnic and a few neighbors were on call just in case they were needed, but the kids did great.
Our ward came up Wednesday morning.  I was surprised that when Elizabeth saw me she ran right over to me and gave me a big, huge hug.  So sweet!  (Blue shirts mean Stake Staff. and the darker pink is for the Youth Leaders).
Tuesday I rode a horse for the first time (pretty much ever-I can hardly count the time when I was 8 and a lady from church walked her horse around the corral once with me on the horse…)  I rode Gus and it was really fun! Elizabeth’s horse ride was also on Gus.  He’s a nice, steady horse.
Elizabeth slept in the top of the A-Frame with a few friends.
These two kind women were the tent moms this year.  They were so nice to the girls!
Thursday I drove into town again with one of the craft leaders and a tent mom to get more supplies while the girls hiked.
Thursday night was our skit night.  Stake was assigned Noah, so our skit was about the ark.  The assistant camp director wrote it and prepared everything prior to camp.  It was fun.  I was a fox.
Our ward did an outtake of the Wizard of Oz.  It was pretty funny.  Elizabeth was a scarecrow.
Friday the same craft leader and I went to the town 10 minutes away to print pictures for each ward and to get a few groceries for our stake cooks (they made awesome food for us all week!)
I got a chance on Friday to take some girls down to the water area and took the opportunity (the water time was the same as craft time.)  Elizabeth spent most of her spare time at the water slide.
Three of our Beehives!
Friday night was commitment night.  Then we all went back to our ward’s campsites for testimony meeting (and our ward had Spudnut Donuts).
I hung out with these cute crafty ladies all week.
We made etched glasses with vinyl that said Believe or Embark.  We also made necklaces with a washer that we used metal letters to write out the camp theme and beads to decorate.  I was the main person in charge of journal decorating.  There were two sets of lockers for us to use, so we put most of the supplies in there.  I had all the paper spread out on the bottom and embellishments in the middle with the extra journals at the top.
Camp was a lot of fun and I loved it. I missed Girl’s Camp.  It had been a long time since I’d been.
Meanwhile, Wednesday Olivia, Vincent, and Abby played at Grandma Shirley’s house.
Thursday they went to my cousin’s house in West Richland and watched a movie and went to a pool.
Friday Andy took them to work with him and then on a road trip to Mount Hood.  He sent me this picture from Umbrella Falls.
Elizabeth and I got home Saturday afternoon.
Sunday I was sustained and set apart as our Ward Primary President.  I don’t think I’ll get to go back to Girl’s Camp…
New adventures begin NOW!

One response to “Girl’s Camp 2015 Live Like You Believe

  1. I’m so glad you got to be with E at Girl’s Camp. I Loved going to Ensign for Camp. It has changed so much since I went there. Was it HOT riding the Horse? We didn’t get to do that.
    Glad Andy and the 3 littles got to take a road trip. Happy Primary Adventures!

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