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July 20th? What?!

on July 20, 2015

How is it mid-July (does the 20th even still count as the middle of the month???) Time is spinning by so quickly!
Since I last posted, I got the run-down for being the new Primary President, worked more than 20 hours each week, hung out with my family, did many loads of laundry and dishes, had a picnic in the park, and went on a little road trip. I’m also working on quite the to-do list so I’m ready for the fall (being PTA President at the same time as Primary President may create some challenges…but I can do it, with a lot of support!) Let’s just say life is crazy busy right now.

On the 4th of July we had our ward breakfast and games. Then I finished up my final ward newsletter while Andy took the kids up to the mountain to hang out with his parents and sister while I went to work. It was nice to come home to Andy and the kids all hanging out on the lawn ready to watch fireworks as I pulled up to the house and I enjoyed the visit with a neighbor who came over to see the fireworks with us too.

Right after being sustained as a new primary presidency, both of my counselors were gone for the next two weeks so the just-released primary president stayed for a few weeks to help out. She even gave the first sharing time of the month. Super nice. I gave my first one last Sunday and thought it turned out decently. We have such a tiny primary (50 kids total listed on the rolls for the whole primary), it’s always more personal and a tiny bit easier to keep them reverent (so far).

Elizabeth went on her first temple baptism trip a few weeks ago.  She really enjoyed that and even did a few family names that Andy’s cousin sent us for her to do.

We enjoyed free slurpees at 7-11 on July eleventh.  (Elizabeth is a little tired of my picture taking…)
I noticed two of the prongs on my wedding ring were almost touching after girl’s camp and went and had it fixed up.  It’s so shiny and perfect looking now.  I love it!  And I missed it a lot for a week!  Andy chose such a beautiful ring for me!
When I went to my first ward council (actually I went to a few for provident living I think several years ago), I came home to everyone bathed and ready for church.  Olivia even braided Abby’s hair like hers.
They are two cute and silly girls!
We had a picnic with Andy’s two local sisters and parents one day and played in the park.
Abby ate her whole sandwich.
I think Vincent skipped the sandwich and just got Cheetos and cookies…
Abby loves Cheetos too!
One sister had to leave a little early for a cub scout meeting, but when Olivia took a baby cousin to the swing and the other kids followed, I needed a picture.
These two cousins get along so well even though they are over a year apart.
Olivia loved playing with the youngest local cousin.  She’s hoping to babysit her more this summer.
I noticed a desk/hutch in front of a neighbor’s house two doors down that had a free sign on it, so Elizabeth helped me drag it (not literally) home so she can put her art supplies in it organized and hopefully away from Abby.  We switched bedrooms around so Elizabeth shares with Abby now and Abby likes to get into Elizabeth stuff and mess everything up…  A friend of mine came to visit me last week and got roped into hauling these giant pieces of furniture into the bedroom.  There was hardly enough space in the doorway for them to fit in.
 We got the cupboard all organized though and it looks pretty good (and now the fabric paint is up high!)  We still need to put the other hutch door on so it will be less accessible.
Friday we decided to go on a road trip with Grandma Mary up to Prosser to help her collect some quilting rows at a quilt shop.  Then we decided to just continue on a little farther and go to a few more shops too since we were already that direction.
We stopped at Chukar Cherries in Prosser and tried a bunch of different cherry food items they had samples for.  It was a delicious stop!  The owner came out of the shop just after we did and saw Vincent and Abby playing with some balloons on one of their picnic tables and offered to go inside and bring the kids balloons.  So nice!  (By the time I took the picture Abby’s balloon had been popped by me because she was too loud when there was a phone call being made…also Elizabeth stayed home and read and watched movies and enjoyed some solitude.)
Elizabeth also got her ears pierced this weekend!  Andy took her while I was working and Olivia babysat.  I called while she was babysitting to see how it was going and she reported that she had already vacuumed the living room and family room and washed the kitchen table.  She’s going to be in high demand when she gets old enough to officially babysit other people’s kids!
Olivia and Vincent are doing well in their piano lessons with the lady in our ward.  We started those just before Girl’s Camp and Olivia goes an extra time each week for violin with her as well. She is already practicing “I am a Child of God” on her violin and figured out how to play that on the piano too.  She’s going to play a duet with her teacher in church next month and Vincent may sing along.  Huge jumps of improvement.  Olivia’s teacher calls her her protege. =)
We don’t have any big trips planned this summer since last year we had a few big trips and we already know next year we will have several shorter trips in the summer, so we are staying pretty close to home this summer and spending a lot of time together (and I’m reading a lot–instead of cleaning my craft room, but that’s on this coming week’s list!)  Life is good and we are so blessed.

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