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Zoo Day

on September 1, 2015
I uploaded these pictures weeks ago and then kids wanted to use the computer and I forgot.
At the beginning of summer we like to ask our kids each for one thing they’d like to do over the summer and two of them picked the zoo (bonus!)  We like to go to the Portland, Oregon zoo.  We drove to the Ikea outside the city and rode the lightrail train through the busy city instead of driving and having to park by the zoo.  It adds an extra adventure.
I think these girls hung on to the bar ahead of them the whole time… Gotta be prepared.
Abby liked looking out the window at people and bridges through Portland.  Andy was born in Portland and watched one of the bridges being built through an apartment window.
 We went through every exhibit at the zoo to see the animals.  I always like a picture by these penguins.
Maybe this picture from a long time ago is the reason I like the penguins… My mom posted it just after I put our zoo penguin picture up on Facebook. (I’m in the middle in blue).
They took out the coolest bird aviary that people could buy some nectar water and feed it to the birds. The new bird area was tiny, but it wasn’t HOT like everywhere else.
Andy and Olivia.
Me with Abby and Olivia.
Here they are looking to see if the Hippo will do anything, but it’s just standing in the cool water not coming out.
Abby asked for a brush to brush the goats.  She always wants to pet the therapy dogs at the library like this too.
I love the giraffes.
On the way out, we were walking uphill a little bit and Abby was tired so Olivia offered to carry her.  It was so sweet and she carried her quite a while.
We had to make one more pass by the black bears since that’s what Olivia wanted to see most and it paid off because they were out.
We stopped by the gift shop and gave each kid $5 to buy a trinket.
The kids were a little tired waiting for Andy to buy our return tickets for the lightrail…This was next to the elevator to take us back to the train station.
And inside the nice, cool train station waiting for the train to go back to Ikea’s parking lot.
We were just a little tired…
On the way home we stopped at Five Guys Burgers for dinner to knock one more Summer Wish List item off the list.  The last thing on our Summer Wish List was going to a movie, but we didn’t go yet, so we’ll save that for when a decent kid movie comes out.

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