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on October 4, 2015
Elizabeth’s art class was working on making 3D masks.  She said the teacher told the class her mask was the best.  She’s so happy to be in art this year and is loving drama too!
Abby had another dental appointment last week to finish up her fillings that she couldn’t hold still for a few weeks ago.  This time they sent some sedation pills home with me to give her the night before and morning of, but she was still really hyper.  The job got finished though with some laughing gas.  She asked the dental assistant for a pad of paper too and they like to put sunglasses on the kids so the bright light isn’t in their face.  Dirty bunny came along to help keep her calm.
Vincent is learning so much at piano lessons each week with his teacher.  He loves music!
Friday was our school-wide science experiment.  This year was the Egg Drop again. We did it five years ago as the first school-wide science experiment in years and it’s finally back up for it’s turn.  Between we had paper airplanes, rain-gutter regatta, marble mania, and something else I can’t remember.
Wednesday Vincent and Olivia worked on their projects so they’d be ready for Friday.  I didn’t help with a bit of it.  That’s my favorite kind of project (since it’s NOT MY project…)  Vincent chose a box with a pillow in it and put stickers on the outside to decorate it. It bounced out of the box, but it didn’t crack, so it worked.
This is a school event, but they asked PTA to find some volunteers to help things run smoothly and to judge.  Each grade has a first place and an Eggcellent award.  Our principal and school counselor dropped the eggs from 27 feet up off the roof of the school.  The school district came out Thursday and built them this structure to keep them from falling off (that our photographer is going to use Monday for our all school photo!)
Abby hung out with me at the bottom watching the egg drop (or digging in the dirt in the corner).  She found Rory to sit with when her grade came out.  We are so excited that her family moved back to Richland!
Olivia brought a plastic box with batting in it.  Her egg didn’t make it…
Sunday night after Andy read with Vincent, Vincent wanted to read this “Creature Features” book with Abby.  Video of them reading here.
During General Conference (which was excellent!) Elizabeth and Olivia were working on Olivia’s Halloween costume.  Elizabeth is doing all the sewing.  She finished one sleeve and the bodice so far.  Who do you think she’s going to be in history?
School picture day is Monday and Olivia’s been begging for curlers.  Then Abby wanted some too, so I did Olivia’s and she did Abby’s. Fun.
Andy and I went over to help Rory’s family move in Saturday between conference sessions and Olivia went along with us to see if she could help with Luke and totally took care of him and kept him out of the way so we could really get stuff done.  The Elder’s Quorum invited several men to come over and help unload the moving truck and finished emptying the whole thing in 20 minutes.  Ally’s mom told someone who came later that it was like an Amish barn-raising.  They were so glad for the help.  They had already moved most of the furniture in the day before, but the truck was full of boxes and other stuff.  Women from church signed up to come and help Ally and I set up her kitchen.  We got everything from the kitchen unpacked and all set in a logical way (I was in charge of that part.)  I’m SO very happy to have my best friend living within walking distance again.  15 driving minutes isn’t far, but it was so hard after having her across the street for years and then next to the school.  Friends are awesome!

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  1. I’m glad O & A like CURLS. Happy for you to have Allie close again too! Great Mask E made. The video is cute, but V sounds like he is yelling the words he’s reading.

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