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Memories of Grandma Zora

on October 23, 2015
My sweet Grandma Zora Crowther passed away last week.
She was 91 years old.  Although we’ll miss her always, it’s at least a little bit easier knowing that she endured her time on earth fully and spent her time in the service of others and knowing that families can be together forever is such a comfort.
Her obituary is here.
I’m so grateful that I was able to live close to her for my whole life and that my kids all know and love her.  She made everyone who met her feel loved.
(I wrote a whole long post about her super late last night and posted it, but it didn’t take and I closed the tab and had to start over from scratch so it’s short now…)  If you’d like to read a well written post about the funeral, you’ll have to go to my new cousin-in-law’s blog here.
My siblings were all able to attend.  It was good to see them, despite the semi-sad reason.
An aunt had her camera set up and took some family pictures.  Love it!
Olivia called my dad and asked if she could play her violin at the service when the grandchildren and great-grandchildren sang “I Feel My Savior’s Love”. He responded with a very fast yes.  She asked her violin teacher to write her some music and practiced a lot and did a great job.  She also played at the family luncheon afterwards (that’s when the picture was taken).
Abby wanted to give flowers to Grandma Zora, so she picked dandelions at the church by the Temple and held on to them until we got to the cemetery.  She found even more there and added flowers to other people’s gravestones and the other pretty flower arrangements before putting the rest on grandma’s casket.  It was sweet.
I love this picture of Andy and Elizabeth that my cousin took waiting for everyone to gather for the burial service.

It took a little while to wait for the burial service to start.  Vincent wasn’t quite that restless for real…

Abby adding her dandelions to one of the arrangements.

We were blessed to enjoy our time with Grandma.  She made everyone who met her feel loved.


One response to “Memories of Grandma Zora

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    I’m so glad you took time to go and visit often! I’ll miss my visits with her when I go to Tri-cities. I’m still wishing we could have had a big Paul Crowther Family Picture taken by Diana. My camera didn’t like the lighting in the gym. I was very proud of Olivia’s playing and had to take her picture, I couldn’t in the Chapel.

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