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on November 11, 2015
We rarely have a day off together during the week when we don’t have other plans already, so it’s been quite a long time since we went to Hermiston to visit my cousin for haircuts.  We decided to go on Veteran’s Day.
Abby just wanted a little trim.  Danette curled her hair too.
Vincent had a little trim AFTER this picture was taken and even had a little gel in his hair.
Elizabeth asked for a centimeter trim.  It ended up being a little more than that, but just an inch or so.  She had a good brush through and condition too.
And a cute little hairdo Danette tried to teach her.  She played Andy’s old DS while she waited for everyone else.
Olivia decided to donate her hair again.  We’ve donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and Locks of Love in the past, but decided to send it to Wigs for Kids this time (just kidding, they need TWELVE inches!) Now I’m sending it to Children With Hair Loss.
Olivia before and after.  I love this cute cut on her!
I had a haircut too.  I love fresh haircuts and really don’t get them often enough.  Maybe one of these days the white/gray will bug me enough to do something with them, but for now, I’m not worrying about that too much.  It would be hard to match my red I think.
After haircuts, we headed to Umatilla to visit Andy at work.  Then we went to a playground I used to visit as a kid when I lived in Umatilla from when I was 4 through fourth grade.  The kids really enjoyed this merry-go-round.
While it might not be a traditional way to celebrate Veteran’s Day and what that means, I know that my children appreciate their freedoms and the lengths that others went to protect our country and that they respect it.

One response to “Haircuts

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Glad you could get a day to visit Hermiston and get haircuts from your Cousin. It’s always nice to have a fresh hair-do.

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