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Halloween 2015

on November 11, 2015
We had fun dressing up all week before Halloween.
Abby dressed up for her ballet class Wednesday.  She was a butterfly using the wings that I made for Elizabeth when she was tiny.
She spotted me through the window (so I stopped distracting her….)
Wednesday night Elizabeth went to the youth “harvest” dance in her Mid-evil Maiden costume that she bought with babysitting money she earned.  She bought the dress, boots, dragon earrings, headpiece, and lipstick all from Amazon and it fit her perfectly.
A little closer look at that fancy jewelry…
Vincent and Olivia had a wear blue to ‘spook out bullies’ and crazy hair day the day before Halloween.  They got all ready for the day and Andy took their picture.
Halloween morning we rested a little, cleaned a bit, and Grandma Mary came over.  Then as we walked out to say good-bye to her our next door neighbor came over with treats for the kids because she didn’t want to miss us.  Darlene’s a great neighbor (and she’s fighting cancer right now).  She loves these kids.  She has given them an easter egg hunt a few times in the past and is just nice to them.
I asked my mom to take a picture of our family (and really should have had one with her too!)  I’m a cowgirl.  Andy’s R2-D2.  Elizabeth is a mid-evil maiden.  Vincent’s a bat.  Olivia decided she was an evil president (HA!)  Abby is a fairy mermaid.
Our very own evil president!
We took a friend with us to a local free carnival put on by a local church.  It was a little bit rainy, but they still had fun playing a few games and going on a super slow hayride.
Vincent changed before the carnival into his dragon costume (and it wasn’t the last wardrobe change of the day).
Our neighbor friend we kidnapped for the day (her sisters are too old for this stuff) with Elizabeth and Olivia.  They are good friends!
We went home for an hour or so before heading out to the Uptown Mall a few minutes away where they always have trick-or-treating walking outside from business to business.  It was still raining on and off.  (Vincent was trying really hard to look tired.)
After the uptown trick-or-treating, we went to a few places in our neighborhood.  One friend snapped the picture below with her daughter added when we stopped by her house.
We went to several houses in neighboring towns to our regular people who expect to see us.  We visited with Pat who lives next door to Andy’s parents and always likes to see the kids all dressed up.  (At this point, some costumes were too wet and they changed.  Abby was just a butterfly without a tail.  Elizabeth changed into a Zelda shirt and skirt, Olivia became a businesswoman, and Vincent was a bat again.)
We stopped at Andy’s boss’s house too.  Their neighborhood is one of the busiest in Kennewick.
We had a fun Saturday full of family time and togetherness.
Just for fun, I’ll put these pictures here too.  Side-by-side pictures of school pictures from last year and this year.
Last year Vincent gave himself a rug-burn on his forehead right before school pictures….
Last year Olivia wanted to have curly hair.
They’ve both grown so much!

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