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December 2015

on January 4, 2016
We opted to skip doing the Nutcracker like we have for the past five years (Andy danced in it previously with his sister Torrie too.) and it was still busy, but I did have a tiny bit more time without a week of Nutcracker.
Abby and Reagan are in the same ballet class and they had a chance to dance onstage with the Nutcracker set up. I was at work, so Olivia took pictures (mostly without the flash…)
The dance wasn’t really a recital, but more of a free dance.  The recital will be in the spring.
Abby loves to dance!
Olivia entered two things into the PTA Reflections Art Contest and won second place for her visual arts drawing and first place for her musical composition.  Vincent also entered a visual art drawing.
My mom gave us Christmas ornaments to start the season.  Decorations went up in the middle of some of my overnight shifts.  Elizabeth and Olivia did most of the work.  Vincent and Abby helped set up the holiday books and stuffed bears.
Santa came to visit our ward party.  Olivia wanted to make sure he knew what she wanted.
Vincent still asked for Lego Mixels.
Abby asked me for $1,000 on Christmas Eve.  Um, no.  She’s ambitious though!
While I slept one afternoon to prepare myself for another long night of work, the kids invited our neighbor over to decorate Gingerbread houses.  There were five in the box I bought, so it worked out great.  We’ve NEVER decorated Gingerbread houses until this year.
Just a little bit of frosting…
On Christmas Eve we gathered with the Ransoms and did a nativity puppet show.
Olivia played her violin solo “The First Noel”. We sang other carols too.
I also don’t normally give pajamas on Christmas Eve unless the kids actually need new pajamas.  This year they did.  Elizabeth and Olivia guessed what the one present would be early.
Vincent was excited about his Skylander pajamas.
Abby spent a lot of the week wrapping toys from around the house with scraps of wrapping paper and other paper.  Sometimes she ran out of stickers or tape to close it up…
Abby dressed her bunny in the extra doll size nightgown.
Our Christmas Tree.  The white lights are just about all out on the tree, so Andy bought some colorful lights to add to the burned out places.
Andy’s family tradition of a hallway picture continues.
Santa brought Abby a coloring set.
Vincent got the Lego Mixels he’s been asking for.
Olivia got the camera she requested.
And Elizabeth even opened a Kindle Fire tablet!
They must have all been good this year (mostly).
For a few days before Christmas Vincent kept talking about wanting a clock.  Little did he know I had already bought one and wrapped it for him.  It even has an alarm.
Abby adopted Vincent’s open mouth for excitement.  They both got coin counter jars.
Elizabeth liked the Star Wars crochet kit and R2-D2 purse and bracelet.  She also really liked the movie when she went with Andy the day after it opened.
We stopped in Kennewick for a quick lunch on Christmas Day.  Abby had a good conversation with Grandpa George about something.
While we waited for our brothers, Janessa and I watched our kids play and visited.
Picture with my mom and sister!  What a great day!
Earlier in the month we went to Andy’s work party (my 16th!) at Red Lion.  The entertainment this time was make your own instrument with vegetables.  I had to work after the party, so I let Andy do it instead of me.  I was tired.  He made a clarinet out of a sweet potato.
Pretty cool!
Here’s the band before the hotel workers came in and said there were noise complaints… Oops!
Olivia is enjoying playing in the marimba band at school.  They had a concert early in the month.

While it was crazy busy this month, we are so blessed with everything, everyone, and the gospel in our lives. We tried not to go overboard on gifts and I think we succeeded while still showing love and kindness to our children and others.

One response to “December 2015

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Looks like they got all they wanted and needed. Thanks for sharing part of your Christmas Day with us! Time to buy a new Pre-lit Tree? I bet you could find a bargain after Christmas sales.

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