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The Rest of November

on January 4, 2016

Man, life got pretty crazy this past November and December.  I was promoted to supervisor at work for the season helping to run the Ship From Store area overnight.  I got a raise for the season, which made the crazy hours worth it, and had between 35-43 hours regularly every week.  I was in charge of a team, running around the store picking items that were ordered online and shipping them out.  We ended the season #35 in the WHOLE company of Kohl’s for SFS which is so awesome (Kohl’s has 1,162 stores total).  I did take a few pictures though or delegated picture taking so I have a few of the blur of the season I had.

Ready for work!  I actually didn’t have to dress up when I was working overnights which was so great.  I also didn’t have to talk to many customers this year, even better!

Vincent wanted to make pancakes on a Sunday when it was his turn for kitchen.  He did most of the work by himself with my supervision.
I had a cover a Sharing Time in Primary one week for a counselor who had to stay home with a sick kid.  Luckily she called me the day before so I had time to prepare something.  The lesson was about Mosiah 2:17, “When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God”, so I had the primary kids write letters to our four missionaries and two servicemen who are all serving from our ward.  I loved looking through the things they wrote/drew.
Vincent’s turkey from school with all the things he’s thankful for.
It snowed!  Last winter the kids didn’t even get a chance to play in the snow before it melted, so they were pretty excited about it this year.  Elizabeth still had school, but the elementary school was out for parent-teacher conferences.
 Olivia and Abby built a snowman together.
Vincent built his own.
And, of course, they had hot cocoa when they came back in.
On Thanksgiving we went to Kennewick for a great feast.  Elizabeth helped Grandma Shirley in the kitchen a lot.
Olivia helped with her baby cousin as much as she could.
I headed to work at 4pm Thanksgiving Day to start my new position that I’d only done for an hour a few days before…. It all worked out, but it was SO busy that weekend with online orders we didn’t think we could ever catch up.  I had a great team though and we busted through them.

One response to “The Rest of November

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Elizabeth is taller than her G-ma on both sides it looks like. Glad you got the chance to work and earn more $$ for the seasonal time. Dad said that your kids were all pitching in to help around the house more. Everyone is Happy, that’s good!

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