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Portland Road Trip

on February 24, 2016
Andy and I decided to go to Portland’s IKEA to pick up a real bed (we’ve been using a metal bed frame for nearly 15 years and I’ve wanted a real headboard/footboard for a long time).  We drove on the Washington side of the Columbia River on the way there and stopped at a viewpoint for a break. Elizabeth and Olivia had a little sleepover with one of my cousins and helped her with her kids Saturday while we went. Picture taken with my phone for Instagram…I finally joined, but I wish you could add real camera pictures and not just phone pictures since real camera pictures often turn out nicer…
Andy said this is the most calm he’s ever seen the Columbia River.  It was like glass.  No wind through the Gorge. It was strange, but wonderful.
I needed a picture with my kids too.
Proof that Vincent and Abby slept on the way.  Vincent kept telling us that he couldn’t sleep, but I know that he did for at least an hour.
We got up and out of town just before 8am. (I slept too since I closed Friday night and got home after midnight and then read or facebooked longer…)
Mount Hood was looking good! I love the clouds at the base of it.
 We made a stop at the Lego store in the Washington Square mall so Vincent could pick out a set of Lego Mixels.  He absolutely loves those things!  They had a bin of Lego pieces to build a car in the middle.  Abby has started really liking Legos too lately.
Lego might be paradise for them, but I love Cheesecake Factory.  Yummy!  I asked Andy to take a picture while we waited for our lunch.  Vincent and Abby both ordered kid pizzas and then hardly touched them.  Andy and I had yummy burgers.  I think next time I might just get a cheesecake slice to go and eat somewhere else though just because it’s always so crazy busy there and it’s pretty expensive-delicious, but more than we’d like to spend (like Olive Garden, but still).
We stopped at IKEA on our way back out of Portland to pick out our bed.  We picked out this one.  Andy just finished building the drawers Tuesday night.  We love it already!  It goes well with our new mattress (that we desperately needed to save our poor, sore backs).
We picked up our big girls on the way home and got home about 8pm.  Full, fun day.  They had a good time hanging out with my cousin’s kids too.
In other news, last week a friend from work who did most of the overnights with me, came over to give me some highlights!  I have never dyed my hair before (other than some temporary lowlights once that I couldn’t even see), so this was awesome.  She told me during the holiday season that she’d love to do highlights for me and she used to work as a hairdresser in Portland, so I thought that’d be fun (and it was/is!)
In the process….
She asked to blow dry my hair and straighten it too, which I rarely do to see what it looked like.  Fun, fun.  And this picture is from Instagram too, so it’s a funny selfie that took a lot of tries since my camera doesn’t have the screen you can see what you look like in…
That night Vincent got his Bobcat at the Blue and Gold Banquet that was combined with the Boy Scouts Court of Honor.  Andy also got an award for a badge he earned during the LDS Encampment this summer.  His badge was the Thomas S. Monson one that is earned by studying about President Monson and meeting new people, and learning about LDS Scouting.  More info at this link.  Everyone at the Encampment was encouraged to get this award.  Vincent also decorated a cake with the theme of Friendship.  He decided that a heart shows friendship.  He did a good job decorating.
Abby and I went to an assisted living facility Tuesday morning as a church assignment to do a craft with residents there for an hour.  Our previous primary president said she just always took watercolors over because they are easy and anyone can do them (and many of the residents have memory loss and wouldn’t care if you repeat it anyway…and we only go once or twice a year as a ward assignment).    Abby loved painting!
I kind of love this kid in uniform.  I’m so glad he’s excited about Cub Scouts.
Every time he puts it on (at piano lessons because the turnaround is quick-his den leader actually lives with her mom where we take lessons so she takes Vincent with her) I think of the three and a half years I spent as a Bear Den Leader and smile.
Sunday I was able to attend our regular ward meetings and then went to Sacrament Meeting with Duportail Ward (which split off from our ward and the neighbor ward just before Abby was born five years ago).  I wanted to go and listen to one of my former Cub Scouts who just left on his mission.  He was also one of our Pioneer Trek sons when Andy and I were Ma and Pa three years ago.  My little Cub Scouts are sure growing up.  I love to see what they are up to and read their missionary letters if their family shares.  Because I was in Cub Scouts for so long, I get to enjoy this part even longer. =)

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