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Summer Trip #1 and #2

on July 3, 2016
We filled up our June with several trips this year.  We had a reunion set to start just after my birthday/anniversary, so we decided to go visit my brother’s family the day before a few hours from the reunion so we wouldn’t have to travel on my birthday and we hadn’t seen their new place yet.  Their kids were out waiting for their ‘buddies’ to arrive.  They all jumped right into the fun.
Vincent slept in this little toddler bed under the stairs in a little Harry Potter room one of the two nights.  He doesn’t normally sleep in such a tiny bed, but he liked having his own space.
Thursday the 16th was my 34th birthday and our 15th wedding anniversary.  We headed out on a ‘little’ hike to a lookout above their house in Wyoming near Jackson Hole.
This is my little brother and his littlest (for now) kid.  He’s a great dad and takes good care of his family.  He’s a school teacher, teaching Spanish in an elementary school and coaching sports most of the year, so they do a lot more together during the summer.
This was the pretty, pretty view from the top of the lookout we hiked (straight up!) to.  My brother’s house is down there in the middle of the picture a little ways from the edge of the reservoir in a new development.
My four kids and my brother’s five kids.  They were all troopers on the hike.
This niece of mine was everybody’s buddy.  She’s adorable.
Abby and Vincent found a caterpillar on my brother’s hiking backpack when we got to the top.
This girl loves dirt and bugs.
We started a fire at the top to roast hotdogs for lunch.
Olivia carried her cousin down the hill most of the way.
So much cousin fun!
Then we decided to go over to the very cold reservoir to let the kids swim.
Burr!  I opted to take pictures instead.
Water is water to these kids.  I think they’ll swim anywhere.
We left all the kids with my oldest girls while we took Brant and Tina out for dinner and ice cream for my birthday dinner.  It was a lot of fun.  We played games with them before bed too.

This little guy cozied up to Andy watching him play a video game on his old DS.
The following day we headed out to Island Park for the reunion with Andy’s mom’s side of the family.  Elizabeth jumped right into this awesome ATV for a ride with Grandma Shirley and her baby brother.
Uncle David liked driving everybody around.  Andy and I took a turn driving it too and it was really, really fun.
Abby found a kindred spirit in Andy’s cousin’s son.  They ran around all afternoon picking flowers and grasses for the horses in the pasture next to the ranch and had a great time playing and playing and playing.
Later that night they played in the wood scrap pile and took a bunch of packaged snacks over there to squirrel away (see them in the bottom right near the broom?) We made them bring them back.
Olivia hurt her leg and bandaged it up and then tried out the bbgun.
Andy found this cow bone on his four-wheeler ride. Pretty sure it’s from the backside of a cow, but we thought it made a pretty good mask. =)
Elizabeth loved these smaller size four-wheelers.  She’s so confident in her driving, but careful too.
I finished the jean quilt for the family auction.  This year they did a silent auction instead.
Andy’s Grandma Ellen is so full of life still at 88.
They had a Chinese auction for each day where we could put raffle tickets in a cup corresponding with the number on the item.  Vincent put all of his raffle tickets from the first day in the cup for this awesome pocket knife.  He won and was super excited about it!
Andy and I took Vincent and Abby with us into Yellowstone (on a Saturday in June….It was crazy busy!)  We were stalled going about 5 MPH for 5 miles on the way in.  We did see some bison (which we think was the holdup because they had just finished crossing the road.)
We saw Old Faithful.
Andy with Vincent and Abby after we saw the geyser.  It was a little windy, but plenty warm.
We stopped off to see another attraction on the way out of the park so we could get back to help with dinner.
We made fry bread scones to go with the bbq pulled pork and twice baked potatoes.
Andy’s aunt’s family owns this ranch and just built this huge new house with about seven suites, a game room, and so much more.  There is another little house and house with a loft with queen beds at the top along with a big garage with a cowboy flat.  We had spots for everyone to sleep.
We headed home Sunday morning so we could get back home for more activities to start bright and early Monday morning.  We were all exhausted, but Andy waited to sleep until after he drove us safely home.
One more June trip to come soon!

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